Name: Ninvoice

Title: The Noisebreaker, Savarage 2.0, The Ninja Of Corruption

Intro: "Here is the Noisemaker, The Ninja Of Corruption, here to scrap a lowly bot. NINVOICE!

Height: 8' 2"

Weight: 290 lb

Type: Rule Breaker

Generation: G2

Console: Handheld. Handheld. HANDHELD! (It's heavy)

Creator: Jack Norman

Handler: Jack Norman


Strength: 100/100 (25/100 Protect Mode 200/200 Attack Mode 50/100 Stealth Mode)

Defense: 80/100 (400/400 Protect Mode 50/100 Attack Mode 25/100 Stealth Mode)

Speed 90/100 (25/100 Protect Mode 50/100 Attack Mode 150/200 Stealth Mode)

Power Core HP: 15200

Extra Protection HP: 10000 (30000 Protect Mode)

Corrupted HP: 5200

Total HP: 30400 (50400 Protect Mode)

Intro: Ninvoice appears (Stealth Mode Confirmed) and looks at a dagger (Ninvoice's Property is written on it), throws it to Jack, and gets ready to fight.

Win: Ninvoice goes back to Stealth Mode. The camera is looking around to see where Ninvoice is. After 1 second, the camera looks behind it, and sees Ninvoice with its dagger in hand, and then it makes a laughing sound, then stabs the dagger down to the ground.

Taunt: Ninvoice throws a shuriken up in the air, catches it, and puts it away.

Signature Move (some taken from Savarage):

The Ripper 2.0 (Ripoff): Ninvoice holds the opponent up, rips them in half (except for the head), squeeze their neck, pops the head out, and (brutally but happily) rips the oppenent's hand off.

Knifed (SP): Ninvoice slashes the left arm (slow motion confirmed) onto the oppenent, knocking them down, then holds them by the neck, and slamming their face down the ground.

Protect Mode (Buff): Ninvoice puts its hands in a blocking stance, glowing blue, meaning that its defense is buffed. Ninvoice will be cautious and its block will be perfect, and the enemy will do no damage to it.

Attack Mode (Buff): Ninvoice puts its hands in a taunting position, often taunting the enemy, and its hands glow red. It means that its attack is buffed. If Ninvoice catches you, it will (ANNIHILATOR STYLE) knock you down and punch you rapidly (usually) until you're dead (always).

Stealth Mode (Buff/Debuff): Ninvoice moves its right hand down, blinding the enemy for 1 sec. You won't see Ninvoice since it is invisible, but (usually) hitting it hard might make it appear again.

Assassination (Stealth Mode Ripoff): If the enemy was defeated when Ninvoice is in Stealth Mode, it will go behind the enemy, put its right hand on the enemy's neck, and slash it, ripping the head off. You will watch the head (SLOW MOTION CONFIRMED) touch the ground. Ninvoice picks up the head, and drops in onto the ground, and Ninvoice steps on the head.

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