Ninjastyle MK 1 was a bot programmed with over half of all martial arts moves known to man.

Generation: 2

Type: Fragile Speedster

Weight: 2111 lbs

Size: 10 feet tall

Nickname(s): The Samurai Smasher, the Karate Krusher, the Martial Arts Master.

Intro: All the way from Japan, the Samurai Smasher, the Karate Krusher, the Martial Arts Master, NINJASTYLE!!!!!!

Origin: Japan


Ninjastyle MK 1 was a robot built by Robert Cohenge and purchased by Tak Mashito, who then built another Ninjastyle as a prototype for Zeus. Conner Crater bought both the bots on a visit to Japan and upgraded both so they could fight in the WRB. Ninjastyle MK 1 took a beating from Zeus, who knew all his weaknesses and so took Ninjastyle MK 1 out of the fight. He is currently a training bot for promising new bots purchased or found by Conner. Conner is working on a new mainframe to upgrade Ninjastyle MK 1 so he could be a fighting bot again.

Ninjastyle MK 2

Ninjastyle MK 2 is a fighting-bot programmed with all martial-arts moves known currently to man to use in the ring.

Generation: early 3

Type: Fragile Speedster

Weight: 2112 lbs

Size: 10 feet tall

Nickname(s): see NS MK 1

Intro: see NS MK 1

Origin: Japan


After being bought by Conner, he was upgraded to fight better and fought in a lot of fights. He did so well he made it into Conner's fight team as one of his 6 best bots. He fought Mark Mater's fight team bot Dead End in the Championship Handler Title-fight and won with the assistance of Composite, another of Conner's fight-team bots. He continues to fight in Conner's fight team for the CHTitle.


Ninjastyle MK 1

Midas narrow win

Fat Boy win

Six Shooter loss

Metro win

Blac Jac win

Six Shooter(rematch) win

Twin Cities loss

Twin Cities(rematch) narrow win

Albino draw

Abandon loss

Abandon(rematch) win

Excavator win

Zeus SEVERE loss

Ninjastyle MK 2

Aquabot win

Bluebot win

Ambush win

Blacktop win

Minotaur win

Abandon win

Atom SEVERE loss

F-150 win

Dead End(assisted) win

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