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Name: Nightmare

Nickname: A Robot Who Gives Nightmares

Generation: 2

Handler: Matthew. S . Will Jackson (Matt Jackson)

Robot Type: Lighting Brusier

Special Move: Nightmare Rage

Made In: Texas, USA

Status: Online


On Halloween, Matthew. S . Will Jackson Decided To Create A Bot For The Ring.

He Was A Big Of the WRB And Asked If He Could Join The WRB, And later the manager agreed

So He Started By Making A Controler And His bot To Fight ,And His Matches Were:

Vs Gridlock (Won)

Vs FatBoy (Won)

Vs Danger Zone (Won)

Final Match: Vs Zeus (Tied But Nightmare Still Won)


Both Nightmare And Hollowjack Share The same Generation

Despite Nightmare And Hollowjack Having The Same Generation, They both have different Robot Type

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