Hi! This is New and Shiny Robo store, and this is Timebomb Kent. Everything here is pretty cheap, go say whatcha want want in the comments!


Hydraulic Power Amp: $700

Ultra Titanium Core Protection: $1500

Boxing gloves for robots: $15

Facial Recognition System: $3000

Piston Fists: $400

Rollcage: $500

Motherboard: War beast 45-03*56

Animatronic Endoskeleton(Not Haunted, Dont Worry): $2000


We rent arenas here!

Sinkhole Stadium: This Ring looks like a giant sinkhole. No ropes, but walls. $2000

Robot Combat League Arena: After RCL is over, we took over the Ring. $5000

Aquarium Zone: Ring is inside water. high impact, recommended. your bot will be dipped in highly flammable waterproof oil before the match starts. $7000

Football Ring: A whole football ring, for robot boxers. $2000

Sky High Arena: An arena 500m above ground. No borders whatsoever, so if your robot gets pushed off it's likely going to fall in the pit of water below, destroyed. $ 4000

Overseas Arena: The ring in the famous Overseas Cruise.$5000

Swampland Arena: 30% Swamp. $3000

Safeguard Arena: 2 Bots survive waves of robot boxers. Recommended. $6000

WRBTA: WRB Arena. $4000

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