Title: The Roman Warrior

Category:Game Breaker level 7


Fighting Style: fast combos and big hits

Special moves: Fire of Rome, rips of arm than ignites oil of robot, Jupiter Power, grabs opponent's head and uses PCM to focus power to fists and flattens the opponents face.

Special features: fire mohawk, cobalt/titanium/tungsten alloy armor w/ hydraulics underneath to absorb shocks, Power Conversion Modules (PCM, focuses all power to a single limb), large fists, studded fists, electro coils (allows for electrically charged punches frying the opponents systems),

Category:WRB League Fighters

Category:Custom Bots


Max Kenton's friend's dad was in the audience the night that Midas wrecked Noisy Boy. He decided that he should make his own bot. So he made Nero. He really likes Midas, so his bot is essentially an upgraded Midas w/ a fire mohawk.



Hollojack tried to spin fist and soften up Nero's armor but got a Jupiter Power to the face instead.


3 words, PCM powered uppercut.

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