Name: Nero

Title: Imperial Smasher, Flower of Rome

Intro: "Here comes the flower of Rome, The Imperial Smasher, Nero!"

Height: 7ft 5in

Weight: 250 lb

Type: Jack Of All Stats (Jack)

Handler: Jack Norman

Owner: Jack Norman


Strength: 100/100 (1000/1000 Imperial Dawn)

Defense: 95/100

Speed: 90/100

SP: 100/100

Special Moves:

Laus Saint Claudius (Ripoff): Nero charges in, and slices the enemy, going through them, and engulfing them in flames, and eventually all of the parts split out.

Blossom Slice (SP): Nero punches the enemy furiously, leaving them into a pulp, and then kicking them.

Imperial Dawn (Buff): Buffs Nero's attack by X10.

Hammer Dropping Down In 3! (2nd Ripoff): Nero legsweeps the enemy, and when they try to look up, Nero brings the hammer down to their head, defeating them.



Chapter 1: Hands on building

Jack Norman tried to build a good bot, when he was building, he used parts of the bots he beat to create one strong bot, Nero. It's time to take it to fight.

Chapter 2: Underworld

"Why the underworld?" Jack said, being bored.

Bio-War. Beaten to a pulp. :3

Aquabot. In flames.

Bluebot. In flames and a pulp. :3:3

Fat Boy. One big, fat pulp. :3:3:3:3

Jack thinks he is ready.

Chapter 3: Midas (Extreme)

Midas stepped into the ring. Nero did its stance. They are ready to fight.

Midas lunged at Nero, but missed and instead was given a hammer sandwich (you know what i mean, do you).

Nero did Blossom Slice on Midas, but it quickly unpulped (I think that is not a word, but whatever) and did Tomahawk Blow on Nero, "stunning" it.

Nero tried to look like it is stunned, but when Midas tried to do a blow, Nero ducked and leg sweeped Midas, making it fall to the ground.

Midas tried to look up, but Nero smashed the hammer down to its head, defeating it.

Hammer Dropping Down In 3!

The last thing that happened to Midas.

Chapter 3: Test Of The Frankenstein (Metro Extreme)

One day, Jack received a mail. It read: "Go to the Zoo. Take Nero with you." Jack knew what that meant. Metro. On the back it read: "You will not survive." Jack know what that meant too. Extreme Metro. Just like Extreme Midas. Jack smiled. "Come on Nero."

When Jack went to the Zoo, no one was there, except for King Pin. Then, Metro jumped down, but failed and layed there like it did a flop. Nero quickly jumped out of the car, and tried to threaten Metro.

When Metro got up, it tried to smack the hammer down Nero's head, but missed, and instead Nero just did flurries on Metro.

When Metro finally blocked one of the attacks, it hit Nero in the face. Nero got up, and flash a powerful attack on Metro, making it fall down.

The Powerful Attack On Metro

Metro, getting hit by the powerful attack.


Metro, being a pulp.

When Metro got up, Nero used Blossom Slice on it, making it into a pulp. After that, Nero used Laus Saint Claudius, and Metro is no more.

Chapter 4: The Grace Of Football (and Rome): Touchdown Extreme

When Jack Norman was training with Ninvoice (yes, at this point Savarage died. ;-;),

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