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this bot is not finished


Colorsceme: jet black, Crome, and red

height: 8ft 8in

Special features: Nemesis core ( overload mode), meteorite alloy, impact gauntlets, southpaw chip

  • The Nemesis core is a special part which acts as the main power core of Nemesis it can also be used to give the bot a great overall boost in stats, but can only be used for 10 Sec at a time without damaging it's systems max use 3 times before need of repair (because its a prototype)
  • it's armor is made of a metal alloy created from steel and metal from a large meteorite
  • it's arms bare many similarities with Zeus and Noisy Boy but with the fists having a spike on the top and bottom. The gauntlets have a set of pistons which work a lot like Zeus', except there are two Pistons per hand instead of one
  • the southpaw chip is a program Axel invented which takes orders from the remote and switches the side of the attack (example: left jab = right jab)

Nemesis is a bot based mostly on the designs of bots made by Tak Mashido. Axel was an avid fan of robots. He used Noisy Boy, Zeus, and Fiend as reference when designing Nemesis


Armor: 98/100 (483/500 overload mode)

Strength: 95.7/100 (480/500 overload mode)

Power: 95.4/100 (478/500 overload mode)

Speed: 73/100 (370/500 overload mode)

Special: 95/100 (470/500 overload mode)

Intelligence: 80/100 (462/500 overload mode)

Total: 537.1/600 (2373/3000 overload mode)


Intro: Nemesis

Rip off: Nemesis

Special: Chaos Crisis

Win: Nemesis

intro- jumps into arena looking at opponent walks toward the corner of the ring and throws a jab and a right cross followed by an uprecut he then points at his opponent and raises his right hand to his head and makes a throat slicing motion.

Rip off: punches opponent in the gut followed by a barrage of punches to the face, then he rips his opponent's arms and knocks him onto his knees and Nemesis rips off his opponent's head with a Fiend esc kick

Chaos Crisis : starts with a large right hook to the opponent's head followed by a small barrage of punches and a spinning back kick he then grabs his opponent and pulls him into a dubble uppercut launching his opponent into the air, his opponent lands right onto an knee strike rolled by a backhand


Axel was in the crowd during the Atom vs Zeus fight he found himself laying on top of his car lost in thought. "If a junk bot could beat Zeus why can't I?" Then suddenly the thought surged into his mind, "who said I can't?" Next thing he knew he was in his garage looking at bot designs and schematics which he was drawing. "TRASH, TRASH, TRASH TRASHTRASHTRASHTRASH! Grr, why can't I make a decent robot boxer!?!?" After about 3 days of screaming at himself he finally settled on a design. "That took waaaayyyyy too long. "Ok, time to start construction ........" ( looks at supplies) " I swear I had more than scrap and paint......! Within the time of desinning the bot he left the garage open, all the parts he had were stolen. "...... damit." Looking to buy some parts he went to a nearby store called "Junkyard Scraps" he purchased parts for Nemesis and got a free bot from the owner , Johnny John Johnson( aka EpicdudeX123) he then used the free bot ( Noisemaker) to earn money to finish building Nemesis.