Tier 1: The Terrible Ones:

Ambush: One of first robots to get only UW I

Fatboy: Same as Ambush

Biowar: Same as Ambush

Bluebot: Probably worst robot in both WRB and RSC

Blacktop: Boring and overpriced

Aquabot: Who? And also his moves suck

Axelrod: Worst WRB Robot

Camelot: *Scratches head in confusion*

Blac Jac: Tied for most boring rip-off dumb attack moves

Gambit: Boring rip off and attack moves

Tier 2: OK Robots:

Six Shooter: He's a cool robot but not as good as other robots

Blockbuster: See: Six Shooter

Danger Zone: Ok moves and cool rip off

No Joke: Cant decide whether terrifying or really cool but he has cool rip off and attack moves Overpriced though

Spectre: Who??? he doesn't even have intro...

Sarge: People like this robot but it just doesn't stack up like other robots

Excavator: See: Sarge but this robot is really cool

Albino: See Sarge

Abandon: This robot is pretty easy to get in Mystery Draw so it's got that going for it

Shogun: Really cool but not that good

Tier 3: Almost Really Good:

Atom: I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but HEAR ME OUT! This dang robot is worth 110 GOLD IN WRB AND HE IS ONLY WORTH 42 STARS and YOU CAN'T EVEN GET HIM IN BRONZE MYSTERY DRAW he is almost IMPOSSIBLE go get unless you BUY gold with money or luck of the draw (don't mind the pun)

Dreadlord: If he was WRB II he might just be the best robot in the game behind Zeus and WRB-G

All of the WRB-G's except Tri-Gore (Spoiler alert)

Cosmobot: Really really attacking moves and he's basically mini Touchdown

Tier 4: The Best Robots:

Midas: Do I need to explain? Maybe coolest looking robot and is a boss

Hollow Jack: One of the best designs and is like Twin Cities of Underworld

Metro: He looks like some poor person would've found it but it beat your bots you know what in Underworld

Twin Cities: Maybe most high-def robots and I'd say he's better than some of the WRB II robots

Fiend: If this robot isn't cool I don't know what is

Crimson Carnage: See: Fiend

Touchdown: As a sports fan, I'm being a little biast but he's an awesome robot regardless

Zeus: They don't call him the King of Robots for nothin

Tri-Gore: Ya know he's only the best robot in the game

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