Welcome to MyCustomBot! If you are at all interested in getting your own custom robot then this is the place to be!

How it works

How to sell a bot

If you are at all interested in selling a custom bot that you own, then put it on the market here. For your bot to be applicable to be sold, you must enter the: Name of the robot, the robot's catchphrase (i.e. "the steel samurai" or "the Gold-blooded killer" or "the bot from out of hell") and the price (or can also trade robots. If you want to trade a bot, then next to Price: enter "Trade"). Don't forget to add a picture of your bot!

How to buy a bot

If you are interested in buying a bot (why wouldn't you be ;] ), then after finding a bot on our list of Robots on Sale, send a message, either a private message or in the comments below, to the owner, and you can negotiate.

Robots On Sale


The One Eyed Crusher

Title: The One Eyed Crusher

Price: $10,000


Try and ketchup to Hotdog!

Title: The red and yellow master of mayhem

Price: Negotiable

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