Name: Missile

Title: The Lethal Shooter

Nickname: The Lethal Shooter

Generation: 5

Bot Type: Bruiser

Section: #43

Star Rating: 452

Handler: Classified


Missile Infested Black Top With Smoke.

Boost: Full Health

Announcers Quote: "The Lethal Shooter, Shooting Out Of Smoke... MISSILE!"

Theme: Missile Shooter

Mode: Special Tank Controller

Color: Metallic Silver

Core: Bomb

City: Classifed

Armor: 54/100

Intelligence: 64/100

Power: 48/100

Speed: 82/100

Strength: 82/100

Special: 62/100

Ability: Corrosive Fists

Origin: Ukraine

Weight: 1634 LBS

Height: 8 '1"

Special Feature:

Signature Move: Lethal Shoot

(Super): Shoot

(Ultra): Zeus

Head: Shoot "3"

Torso: Prime "6"

R Arm: Zeus "2"

L Arm: Zeus "2"

R Leg: Feind "3"

L Leg: Feind "3"

CHAPTER 1 UW 1 (The Gold Blooded Killer)

Vs. Ambush: Missle Ambush got a ambush... Of MISSILE'S!

Vs. Fat Boy: Missile The steampunk hunk now a piece of junk.

Vs. Bio War: Missile This war was clear. Bio war is now BO'ed

Vs. Blue Bot: Missile Blue bot is blue in da face.

Vs. Danger Zone: Danger Zone Danger zone was a Zone with MISSILE'S. But the danger was too much.

Vs. Danger Zone (Rematch): Missile Ha! Danger zone is now a Junk Zone!

Vs. Atom: Missile

Vs. Gambit: Missile

Vs. Midas: Missile The gold Blooded Killer is actually purple Blooded. I know because its all over the crash palace thanks to Missile.

CHAPTER 2 UW 2 (Hammering Frankstein)

Vs. Six Shooter: Missile He shot a load of blanks. But Missile shot a big one.

Vs. Block Buster: Draw These bombs both blasted each other.

Vs. Block Buster: Missile Missile busted block Buster.

Vs. Black Top: Missile Vs. Aqua Bot: Missile Vs. Sarge: Missile Vs. Hollow Jack: Missile Vs. Tackle: Missile Vs. Metro: Missile

Next Robot Is Rook!!!

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