FrankenCrush challenged Midas for a fight. From this point, it's the conversation before the fight.

Before the fight.

  • Torrent Shallow (me): "I bet 10 Grand I could beat you, FrankenCrush is a 9 foot killer"
  • Artie Bakker: "Ha! Thanks for the money, I just win against a headless robot who falls under a second"
  • Shallow: "FrankenCrush wont fall under a second, who cares anyway? Anything goes in Crash Palace."
  • Bakker: "I'm the champ here, I will sort out the fight"
  • Shallow: "Fine, but don't underestimate me."

At this point, Bakker goes and begins to sort out the fight, they begin to battle 10 minutes later.

The fight.

  • Host: "On my right! I have Midas! On my left! I have FrankenCrush!"
  • Shallow "I'm so going to enjoy this."
  • Host: "3... 2..."
  • Bakker: "This is going down in under a minute"
  • Host: "1... FIGHT!"

Immediately, the two robots begin to circle each other, before Midas goes in for a punch.

  • Shallow: "Nope."

FrankenCrush dodges and performs a Heavy Barrage which knocks Midas down for 7 Seconds.

  • Bakker: "Ain't bad mate, how about this"

Midas goes in for a right uppercut, which does nothing but a dent to FrankenCrush's Torso

  • Bakker: "...Umm..."
  • Shallow: "Showdown time"

Frankencrush finishes off Midas with a right uppercut, knocking him down for 10 seconds. FrankenCrush wins.

  • Bakker: "This is impossible!"

After the fight.

  • Bakker: "You son of a cheater! Let me check your robot for illegal parts!"
  • Shallow: "Ok..."

Bakker checks, nothing wrong with FrankenCrush.

  • Bakker: "Well thats 10 Grand to you, and another 15 Grand for repairs, where did Midas's arm go?

Shallow does a sign that it went to FrankenCrush, since Bakker did not notice that Midas's arm was in FrankenCrush.

  • Shallow: "Got to go."

Shallow leaves Crash Palace.

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