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Name: Midas

Title: The Gold-Blooded Killer, The King of the Underworld

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Demolisher

Handler: Artie Bakker

Status: Online

Announcer's Quote: "The Gold-Blooded Killer from the Underworld! Introducing Midas!"


Midas Concept.jpg

Midas is known to be one of the strongest robots in the Crash Palace, if not the strongest, and therefore, its champion. His fighting style generally involves moves such as headbutts, elbows and/or knee slams, as well as low blows and even tearing his opponents' limbs apart, and he is willing to use them for fun and for winning. He doesn't like fighting in a League Fight. He defeated the former WRB fighter Noisy Boy. He was only seen in the movie during this fight, however, he would return in the games as both, a playable and fightable character. He appears in the console games (XBOX 360 and PS3), and the Real Steel mobile franchise: HD (iOS), WRB and Champions, and would even get two variants: Midas Gold and Centurion Midas.



Armor: 60/100

Power: 60/100

Speed: 40/100


Health: 3500 - 26589

Attack: 288 - 2013

Special: 594 - 4152

UW-I - RGN-3: 106 - 3078

Boost: Full Defense - Full Health


Origin: USA

Ability: Reconstruction - Health Steal

Height: 8'2"

Feature: Fiber Optic Mohawk

Special Moves:

1.- Tomahawk Blow (Original)

2.- Super Tomahawk Blow (Twin Cities)

3.- Ultra Tomahawk Blow (Zeus)


Midas Maxed Out.png

Midas is a golden-colored robot with red gloves, "boots" and a large red mohawk. He is inspired by King Midas, who, in legend, had the ability to turn everything he touched to gold. It has been said that his head is a weak spot, but in his fight with Noisy Boy he doesn't appear to have this trait. He is modelled to look like a Spartan Warrior.

STAGE 1: In Stage 1, Midas will look the exact same as in the movie.

STAGE 3: In this Stage, Midas will look brand new and will have more armor on his body. The tattoo on his chest will disappear but it can be seen on his shoulder pads.

STAGE 7: When fully upgraded, his body will be covered in a much more robust and bulkier armor. His tattoos will be almost totally removed except for the main one, which can be seen in the middle of his chest and his shoulder pads. His mohawk will be slightly lighter in color and will have a fin-looking piece in the middle. His fists will also be larger and his boots will turn mostly gray. There will also be LED's on the outer side of his thighs and the inner part of his shoulders.


Midas Concept 2.jpg

  • As previously said, Midas is based on King Midas who, in legend, had the ability to turn everything he touched to gold. This explains Midas' gold color.
  • As stated in the "Midas" official video, he only fights in the Underworld and hates the League. This is possibly because he can't do illegal moves in the league.
  • He loves getting AKOs when battling.
  • He is the best bot in Crash Palace.
  • His handler, Artie Bakker, has a Midas shirt.
  • He might be based on Clubber Lang from Rocky III.
  • He is the tallest bot in the illegal circuit. He's even taller than Zeus himself, making him one of the tallest bots in the whole film.
  • In Real Steel WRB, Midas has a gold version.
  • Midas has two variations in the games: Midas Gold in WRB and Centurion Midas in iOS, which is based off his Stage 5 look from WRB.
  • When Noisy Boy knocked him down, his tomahawk turned off and came back on.
  • His head is a bit durable as Noisy's Shogun Trinity and Shockfists did nothing but emit sparks.
  • Midas' mohawk is made of fiber optic according to his card in the Real Steel World Robot Boxing game.
  • Midas's mohawk is said to be made out of real tomahawk missile.
  • Midas did not beat Noisy Boy because he was better, but because Charlie hadn't learnt all Noisy's moves. But more likely because Noisy was defeated by a illegal move