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Vital statistics
Title The Frankenbot

Frankenstein's Monster Of The Ring

Generation 2
Bot Type Annihilator
Status Destroyed (By Atom/Himself)

Name: Metro

Title/Nickname:"The Frankenbot", "Frankenstein's Monster of the Ring", "The Monster Basher (as Franken Metro)"

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Annihilator

Ranking: U:1:4

Status: Destroyed

Handler: King Pin


Metro is an English mess of a bot and the only one out of two bots to be seen fighting in the Zoo, the other being his opponent, Atom. After defeating his opponent, Kingpin, Metro's handler, takes a part of his opponent and puts it on Metro’s body in order to make his robot stronger, but makes Metro’s body fragile.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Metro is the champ of the Underworld II. His special ability "Reconstruction" allows him to regenerate his health in battle over time (His previous ability was Corrosive Fist). You will need a good or fully upgraded UW II robot in order to defeat him and advance into the next Tier, WRB I.

Stage 3: In this stage, Metro will have a blue colored power core in his chest. His arms will be changed and will be wearing a helmet-like on his head (this make him look like a football player)

Stage 7: When fully upgraded, Metro's sledgehammer will become a Sledge-cross and his large right arm will be shaped like a cannon with a letter "M" at the end.

Announcer's Quote: "Its the terror of the Underworld. The original Frankenbot, with a Mallet Smackdown. It can only be...Metro!"

Gold Version

A Gold Version of Metro. Gold bots have a much higher stats than the original versions. However, there are no changes in appearance shown in stages 3 and 7.


Metro, confused as to how Atom dodged his Foot-Trap.

Metro is a large, potent mash-up of robot parts. Although the parts aren't really built for that configuration, it does have one overarching purpose: to cause pain and endless amounts of it. His right arm is a huge fist, simply designed for beating the opponent into a stunned state, where he can then grab them with his right leg's foot claw. After grabbing them, he braces himself on the left leg, which has oversized hydraulics to aid with balancing while hitting his opponent with his left arm's sledgehammer attachment. His faceplate was built with a low-slung jaw that leaks Metro's green robotic oil and fluids like drool from his "mouth". However, despite all these strengths, his abdomen is quite weak, consisting of a mere mesh of fencing material wrapped around the generator, motherboard, and communications suite that all mechs have. Metro's overall appearance and size are both very intimidating.



Weight: 1145-1345 lbs

Height: 7'6"

Special Feature: Composite Robo Biology

Signature Move: Mallet Smackdown

Super Mallet Smackdown(Zeus)

Ultra Mallet Smackdown(Gridlock)

Made in: UK

Specialties: Sledgehammer hand increases punch damage, foot clamp holds opponents in place and large right hands for smashing opponents.

Handler: King Pin

Fighting Style

According to the movie, He uses his foot-plant to prevent his opponent from moving. Then, Metro uses his left arm (the sledgehammer) to deliver a powerful blow to his opponent's head. He also will take opponents and grapple them by the neck before smashing the opponent's face back. The most fragile part of his body and his weakness is the front of his head, because one strong punch can damage the systems in his head.


Real Steel Basic Wave 2 Metro figure

Real Steel Basic Action Figure - Metro (Series 2)

Metro looks as if he has a bald head, and his jaw is slightly crooked. He is missing his LED boards that keep him together on his shoulder and on his leg. He has parts that come off of him, like his sledgehammer and his arms and feet. He has messy coloring, which is a win by the creators of this toy due to him being a built together bot that was never supposed to be in the ring. His right arm is also slightly oversized.

Real Steel Deluxe Action Figure - Metro (Series 2)

As of now, we do not know what gimmick (if any) this toy will have. This toy is pretty much the same as the Basic action figure, except with slightly different posture, and his limbs do not detatch.


  • His parts seem to come from the bots he has beaten, with his mish-mash, disorganized style.
  • In the game version there on his chest is a plate holder that some WRB robots have so this may imply that Metro might have been in the WRB, or that he has beaten a WRB robot in the past.
  • In the Real Steel game, he has some recolored parts and there is a layer of metal covering the abdomen, unlike in the movie or the toy.
  • In the Real Steel game, like the other movie bots, he has two versions. (A match mode version, and a multiplayer version.) Unlike the other movie bots, his multiplayer version is the stronger of the two versions.
  • He is the second robot in the film that has LED screens on him (one near his head, and on his right leg). Noisy Boy is the other.
  • In Real Steel WRB, Metro has a gold version(duh).
  • After being hit by an uppercut by Atom, you can see his LED screens saying "system error".
  • It's possible that he was undefeated before Atom came along. This is as he is mostly made out of his previous opponents' parts thus meaning he had defeated the opponents.
  • He is supposedly very high-maintenance.
  • Despite being an UK made bot, his owner, Kingpin, is American.
  • He is the second British-made bot in the film. (Spitfire/Danger Zone is the other.)
  • He is a G2 because he has a remote. 
  • His weight of 1345 lbs makes him the heaviest bot in the film.
  • Metro, Bio War, and Toolbox are the only 3 robots that have a tool that replaces one of their fists with the tool being a sledgehammer.
  • Metro is currently destroyed after the battle against Atom due to a malfunction in Metro's System causing it to inflict pain on himself rather than on Atom.
    The Powerful Attack On Metro.jpeg
  • In the Real Steel WRB game, if the player performs a Rip-Off on Metro using a robot that dismembers his right arm(Ex: Midas, Noisy Boy, Nitro), the right arm will remain static and instead a completely new right arm will spawn and stay mid-air where the arm was removed.
  • Unknown if this bug is patched or not in Real Steel WRB, this still happens in Real Steel Champions.
  • In the Real Steel iOS game, provided you did not RIP Metro, after being beaten his body will randomly jerk around before falling down, like when his system failure occurred.
  • As a subtle nod to Metro's Foot-Trap move from the movie, Metro's Special Move, Mallet Smackdown, in Real Steel: World Robot Boxing involves Metro using his large clamp-like foot to keep the opponent steady as he pulverizes them. The penultimate attack(a small curb stomp) slides the opponent out of the trap, to which Metro responds with sending the opponent flying with a devastating uppercut using his sledgehammer fist.
  • Metro has one variation of him in both games: Franken Metro in the iOS game, and Metro Gold in WRB. Franken Metro is based off his fully upgraded form in WRB.
  • Metro might be one of the most fragile 'bots in Real Steel. This was proven when he got hit with a double uppercut by Atom once and cause his system to malfunction.
    Metro in WRB.jpg