• Power: 96/100
  • Speed: 83/100
  • Intelligence: 73/100
  • Strength: 99/100
  • Armor: 87/100
  • Special: 89/100
  • Total: 527/600
  • Regen: 3
  • TBR: 5,300

Important Info:

  • Height: 7'9"
  • Weight: 979 lbs.
  • Origin: USA
  • Type: Game Breaker

Special Feature[s]: Neck pistons that improve head-butt power. Purposefully made dents in his face make him look more like a rock.

Announcer's Quote: "The shining fireball from the sky who will dent the ring at once! The one, the only... Meteor!"

Intro: Jumps up, and lands punching the floor. Gets up and raises his arms. Finally, he smashes both hands together and gets into position.


Dominic already has 2 bots, but they already have beaten "The King of the Robots," Zeus. So Dominic decided to make another robot to beat Zeus with (and hopefully trigger Tak Mashido), and he had the perfect theme: Meteors! He went to the same junkyard to find some useful parts (again). He found everything he needed, and started building. 1 week later, he finished his new bot, and named it: Meteor. With Dominic's new bot, he challenged Scrapbot to a battle to test his new bot. Meteor won easily with an A.K.O with a right, left hook combo, and he won $500.

Status: Repairing

Move set:

Normal Moves: R/L Jab, Hook, Uppercut (Head), Uppercut (Stomach), Hammer-fist, and Head-butt (Downwards)

Special Moves:

  • Meteor Crater: Right, left hooks, a right uppercut, and a headbutt.
  • Shooting Star Punch: 2 right, left jab combos, a right hook, a left uppercut, and a right hammer-fist.

Signature Move: Meteor Shower: Right stomach uppercut, left head uppercut, right hammer-fist, and 3 consecutive head-butts

Finisher: Extinction: 3 jabs, a left uppercut, a head-butt, a right uppercut, and a finishing jumping double uppercut.


Win, lose, or tie | Win or Lose type | Money Earned or Lost

v. Scrapbot:

Win | A.K.O | $500

v. Bluebot:

Win | K.O | $750

v. Aquabot:

Win | K.O | $1,000

v. Metro:

Meteor and Metro meet at the ring. The match begins and Metro goes in to slam Meteor with his mallet. Meteor dodges and counters with a left hook, and a right uppercut. Meteor goes in and head-butts Metro, which makes him fall. Metro gets up and hits Meteor with a left hook, and a right hammer-fist, but gets knocked out afterwards with a "Meteor Crater."

Win | K.O | $1,500

v. Six Shooter:

Win | K.O | $1,750

v. Blacktop:

Win | A.K.O | $2,025

v. Blockbuster:

Win | K.O | $2,500

v. Fat Boy:

Lose | K.O | -$2,650

v. Bio War:

Win | K.O | $3,000

v. Fat Boy (Rematch):

Win | A.K.O | $2,000

v. Hollowjack:

Win | K.O | $3,500

v Atom:

Meteor meets in the ring with Atom. The match starts and Meteor goes in with a left hook, but Atom dodges, and counters with a right uppercut. Meteor goes back with a right then left jab, and finally, a right uppercut. Atom regains his balance, and charges forward with a "Super Uppercut." Meteor hits Atom back with his "Meteor Crater," and then adds a left hook, making Atom fall. Atom gets up and barrages Meteor with punches, while dodging some other attacks from Meteor. Meteor spins around for momentum, and slams his right fist into Atom. Atom is stunned, and Meteor finishes with "Extinction."

Win | A.K.O | $4,000

v. Midas:

Midas and Meteor meat at the biggest ring in Crash Palace to fight, and the match begins. Midas flies forward with a right hook, and a left stomach uppercut. Meteor attacks Midas with a head-butt, and then a right uppercut, which knocks Midas onto the ropes. Meteor comes in to attack, but gets blocked and countered with a left uppercut a right stomach uppercut, and finally, a "Tomahawk Blow." Meteor falls to the ground, but gets up after 6 seconds. Meteor smashes his right arm into Midas' left shoulder in a hammer-fist, and then a left, diagonal uppercut. Midas retaliates, and uses a "Tyrant Blow," sending Meteor to a corner. Midas bombards Meteor with uppercuts, head-butts, and hooks. Meteor feints Midas, uses a left jab, and uses his "Meteor Shower," sending Midas to the floor. Midas gets up, and Meteor head-butts him, and then a right uppercut, left then right jab, and finally, an "Extinction," finishing off the fight.

Win | A.K.O | $6,500

v. Blac Jac:

win | K.O | $7,000

v. Cosmobot:

Win | K.O | $7,250

v. Abandon:

Lose | K.O | -$7,750

v . Sun Wukong:

Win | A.K.O | $8,000

v. Abandon (Rematch):

Win | K.O | $7,000

v. Hattori 2.0:

Win | K.O | $8,500

v. Nitro:

Lose | A.K.O | -$9,000

v. Excavator:

Win | K.O | $9,500

v. Crimson Carnage:

Win | K.O | $9,750

v. Nitro (Rematch):

Win | K.O | $8,000

v. Touchdown:

Win | K.O | $10,000

v. Tackle:

Win | A.K.O | $10,750

v. Sparrowhawk:

Win | K.O | $11,000

v. Steampunk:

Win | K.O | $11,750

v. Twin Cities:

Meteor meets Twin Cities in the ring, and the bell rings. Twin Cities throws a right jab, but Meteor dodges to the left and sends Twin Cities back with a right uppercut. Twin Cities moves forward again and damages Meteor's right side with, two left stomach uppercuts, and then a right cross. Twin Cities attempts to throw a jumping straight at Meteor, but Meteor blocks and counters with a left hook and a head-butt. Twin cities throws a right uppercut, misses, and gets hit again with one of Meteor's, "Shooting Star Punch." Twin Cities gets knocked down. Twin Cities gets back up after 5 seconds, and dodges a left jab. Meteor finally gets knocked down with Twin Cities' "Hypnotic Flurry," and doesn't get up.

Lose | K.O |$15,000

v. Twin Cities (Rematch):

Win | K.O | $13,000

v. Zeus:

Dominic beams at Tak Mashido as Meteor and Zeus walk into the ring. " Let's hope for a good fight" Dominic says with a smirk. "Shut up!" Tak rages as he readies Zeus. The match starts, and Meteor goes right in with a powerful head-butt. Zeus stumbles, but regains his balance, and smacks its right fist into Meteor's chest. Meteor does a combination of 2 left stomach uppercuts, and a left hook. Zeus pounds at meteor with a double uppercut, and knocks him down with "Brainstorm." Tak Mashido laughs as the referee counts. Meteor gets up after 4 seconds, and dodges left and right hooks. Meteor then counters with a "Shooting Star Punch," Which pushes Zeus to the ropes. Zeus blocks a left jab a left uppercut, a right hammer-fist, and a left hook, and ends the match with a right uppercut to the head going diagonally. Tak Mashido laughs again.

Lose | K.O | $20,000

v. Zeus (Rematch):

Lose | A.K.O | $22,000

v. Zeus (2nd Rematch):

Win | K.O | $55,000 (More bets)

Battle Log:

Robot Win Lose A.K.O
Scrapbot X
Bluebot X
Aquabot X
Metro X
Six Shooter X
Blacktop X
Blockbuster X
Fat Boy X
Bio War X
Fat Boy (Rematch) X
Hollowjack X
Atom X
Midas X
Blac Jac X
Cosmobot X
Abandon X
Sun Wukong X
Abandon (Rematch) X
Hattori 2.0 X
Nitro X
Excavator X
Crimson Carnage X
Nitro (Rematch) X
Touchdown X
Tackle X
Sparrowhawk X
Steampunk X
Twin Cities X
Twin Cities (Rematch) X
Zeus X
Zeus (Rematch) X
Zeus (2nd Rematch) X


  • Theme of meteors
  • Longest streak (So far): 7
  • Total of 32 battles (So far)
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