Metal burn is the signature move of Ragnarok, and a unique tech move. Metal burn has 2 ways to execute, but the objective is the same: to corrode metal and force the enemy to hit itself. This move is dangerous, but the pay off is excellent.

The kamikaze way

Risk: High

Backfire/fail ratio: High

Damage: insane

Ragnarok transfers the metal burn canisters to the wrist and begins punching fast and hard. He then transfers the canisters closer to the hand as he punches harder. He's careful not to hit fast when they come close to the hand, as stress can break them open and affect both him and his opponent.

The launcher way

Risk: Medium

Backfire/fail ratio: low

Damage: High

Ragnarok stuns the enemy with a brief, yet fast punch to the neck. He jumps back and fires 2 canisters to the opponent, corroding the metal. The launcher way does less damage, but has a smaller fail ratio. As such, The launcher way is used most often.

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