NAME: Mercury, "The Red Barron" , "Small Bison"


BOT TYPE: "Jack" Lvl 3 / Lightning Bruiser Lvl 2


Mercury was a bot that only one person used, after his fifth and final loss his owner took him to the junkyard to be scraped and destroyed. A kid who was alone sneaked into the junkyard to find a bot but stumbled upon Mercury who was missing his limbs. The kid took him to his garage and worked on him. He finished and took him to his sixth fight. He won in the third round in 1:45:19. He then goes to fight twin cities and wins by decision. He then faced Axelrod after he was rebuilt, the fight was unknown as it was a private fight. He then continued to fight with the kid until the kid retired.


Mercury looks like Bluebot before he met the kid, but red and white. Once the kid met him he replaced his limbs with heavy obsidian and added more to him. That slowed him down and made him lose two fights. The kid had help with his new adoptive parents and made a team which helped the kid create a better version. He kept the head from the Bluebot, shoulder-guards, one open metal arm and one closed arm, and better legs.


STRENGTH: 79/100

SPEED: 62/100



SPECIAL MOVES: The Switch, Ultra take-down, Omega twirl, and Cut the decision

MADE IN: Garage in Mount Vernon, Ohio, America

SPECIALTIES: Has shadow command, voice command, remote mode, and a new command that the kid created which is mind command, it will read the mind of the user and do what it tells them.

FIGHTING STYLE: His fighting style is to stay low and wait until he can punch, or he waits until the bot is going to slow then does one of his special moves.

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