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NAME: Menasor V2, "The Head Flinger"
Menasor V2 (2)

Menasor V2


BOT TYPE: Game Breaker Level 5

RANKING: W:2:1 & D:3:1


Menasor V2 is a G3 robot. He is very powerful, with a Level 5 Quantum Body, Level 5 Shogun Arms, Level 3 Berserker Legs, a Level 5 Gargant head and Level 5 Spined Fists. He's lightning fast, deals tons of damage, knows exactly when's the perfect time to use a Tech Move, and his punches can practically reach across the ring. He is incredibly dangerous.


Overall Stats

Strength: 98/100

Speed: 87/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Special Moves: 79/100

Total Battle Rating: 9,999/9,999

Made in: USA

Specialties: Adapts quickly to all fighting styles.

Handler: Diamondmatter

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 9999
Wins 283
Online Wins 10
Losses 45
Online Losses 5
AKOs 35
Online AKOs 2
Win Percentage 86%
Online Win Percentage 66.7%
Core HP 4465
Power Charge 3875
Total Attack 5068
Total Defense 4381
Resilience 10
Damage Recovery 9
Power Recovery 10
Average Punch Speed 10
Movement Speed 6
Mobility 7


Content Selected Option
Ring Name Menasor V2
Fighting Pose Fighting Pose 5
Pre-Match Action Flex
Taunts Three-Sixty, Head Spin, Rockin' Out, Check My Guns
Tech Moves Nukefist (To Head), Headbutt, Temple Punch Combo, Brawler Combo


  • Menasor V2 is an improved version of Menasor
  • His original build was a Standard Type.
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