Menace is an old bot with a special function.

Generation: early 2

Type Lightning Bruiser

Weight: 1772 lbs

Size: 8 feet

Nickname(s): the Berlin Bot

Origin: Germany

Intro: Here he is, the supercomputer on legs, MENACE!!!!!!!


Menace was part of an experiment to make military robots, so the government made him with a AI function so he could fight without a controller. They also gave him access to the Internet so he could run an online search about his opponent. The government stopped the project when they could no longer fund it, and sold Menace. Conner Crater bought him and reprogrammed him as a boxing-bot, but kept his special functions. Menace can fight without a controller and find his opponent's weaknesses by accessing the build specs of his opponent. Menace is a great bot and still fights in the underworld and occasionally the WRB.


Ambush win

Six Shooter narrow win

Fat Boy SEVERE win

Hollow Jack loss

Hollow Jack(rematch) win

Bio War loss

Metro win

Midas win

Abandon loss

Aquabot win

Bluebot loss

Minotaur win

Blacktop win

Bio War(rematch) win

Blac Jac SEVERE win

Jackhammerer win

Albino win

Abandon(rematch) win

Roadkill win

Toolbox win

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