Name: Meganova

Title: The Cosmic Warrior

Generation: 4

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Meganova is one of the "Nova Siblings" team. He's the third strongest one out of the four and the third most powerful one. It's still unknown who is his handler or where he comes from since his creator and he leave the arena as soon as the fight is over and never answers questions. He's stronger than Supernova, but he's outpowered by Ultranova and Hypernova. He's reminiscent to Zeus more than any other robot due to his assembly. He's fought all around the world in both Underwolrd and WRB circuits.

Announcer's Quote: "The maniac from outerspace! The Cosmic Warrior! Meganova!"


Health: 27071

Attack: 2038

Critical: 4745

Special: 4203

RNG: 2970

Boost: Full Battle Gauge


Meganova 001-0

Origin: Unknown

Ability: Reconstruction

Weight: 360 kg

Height: 2.40 meters

Feature: Neptunium Power Core

Element: Electricity

Special Moves:

1.-Battlefield (Original)

2.- Super Battlefield (Slam Tackle)

3.- Ultra Battlefield (Touchdown)


Ultranova 002

Meganova is a tall bulky robot reminiscent to Zeus with arms reminiscent to Aztec's and his legs are based on Drago's. He has shorter reach than Hyper and Ultra and he's not as strong as them. Actually, he's the second weakest one out of the four siblings.

He's mostly painted in black, with dark gray as secondary color and red trimmings and lights. He also has a big glowing Z in the middle of his chest. This may be a hint to the Nova Siblings' owner's name or nickname, but it's still unclear its real meaning.

Meganova was designed to look as bulky and menacing as Zeus, but he also has parts of his body inspired in other robots' like Aztec or Drago. He has spikes on his shoulders, forearms, fists and some little spikes right below his knees, which have hidraulic pistons that allow him to jump even higher than Zeus when entering the ring. He has talons and separated toes too, which give him more stability when standing, walking and fighting.


Ultranova 003

Head: Zeus (Elements Electricity Grade)

Torso: Zeus (Elements Electricity Grade)

Right Arm: Aztec (Elements Electricity Grade)

Left Arm: Aztec (Elements Electricity Grade)

Right Leg: Drago (Elements Electricity Grade)

Left Leg: Drago (Elements Electricity Grade)


Ultranova 004

Intro: No Joke

Heavy Attacks: Jaw Breaker, Power Jab, Spin Slash, Neck Breaker

Special Move: Shock And Awe

Finisher: Zeus

Win: Zeus


Base: Black 3

Body: Black 1

Accent: Red 1



  • He's the exact same height than Hypernova.
  • Despite being based on one of the strongest robots of all time, he's one of the weakest of his team.
  • He's larger in body mass than Zeus.
  • He's the bulkiest one of the team.
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