MRB, innovative event system and lottery fights.

Welcome to the MRB!!

How to: Rules

  1. Before you are selected in a fight, tell me your robot name and it will be pinned to our permanent fighters board.
  2. You cannot make matchups of yourself, only the MRB Admins can do a lottery for 2 fighters to fight each other.
  3. How to Bet: Stake in at least $100,000. (New robots can bet any stake) The money is kept in a vault. (Ex: 1 and 2 bets $120K.)
  4. The controllers of the robot will bet on 1 fighter. (Ex: 1 bets for B, 2 bets for A.)
  5. If someone's bet won, the money in the vault is all his. (Ex: A won the fight. 2 takes the $440K in the vault.)
  6. If you are confident, stake in ALL your money in All In fights. (Ex: 1 bet $350K and 2 bets $440K. 1 bets for C and 2 bets for D. C won the fight, therefore the money on the vault ($790K) is all his, making 2 bankrupt. Not really..)
  7. If you, the owner/controller of the robot, bets on the opponent, and your robot you are controlling won, you will lose your stake.

How the Lottery is done

  1. An MRB admin or star selects a card place. Card places are: Main Event, Co Main Event, and 3-4 matchups. (Ex: Harp draws a Co Main Event.)
  2. Next, the person draws a lottery for the first fighter, then he draws another lottery to be its opponent. (Ex: In the Co Main Event, Harp draws A, and then he draws B to be his opponent. Therefore, the card's co main event is A vs B.)
  3. Repeat until all 5-6 fights are drawn.

Hope you understand.

Royal Crumble Rules and Instructions

  1. 12-20 robots sign up for Crumble.
  2. If 12-14 custom robots ONLY sign up for Crumble, the MRB admins make a RC Lottery. 6-8 robots will be chosen from the lotto.
  3. A robot challenger is drawn by another RC Lottery. All the signed up robots has a chance to be the challenger. Once the lottery is done, 1 robot becomes the challenger, making it 11-19 opponents.
  4. The challenger stands on the ring and waits for his opponent. Once the opponent comes and comes into the ring, a round begins. The round ends when a robot knocks out the opponent, or the opponent is thrown out of the ring. The process continues until the final round has finished. Once the final round finishes, the robot remaining standing is declared the winner of that Crumble event.
  5. It is possible to have the original challenger lose a round. If that happens, the robot who defeated the challenger is declared new challenger, but the Crumble still goes on.
  6. It is NOT possible to make a defeated robot return to the ring.
  7. The robot order is also random. It is possible to have the strong robots at the end, at the middle, or even at the START!
  8. The first RC is Hear Me, all the contenders are RSWRB robots to give you an example.

Onslaught Rules and Instructions

  1. This is often a quick match. 10-15 select robots will go altogether in the ring and brawl. Last robot standing wins.
  2. Special moves are allowed here, but abilities and illegal specials like Corrosive Fists, Drazi's Sterdrive, Upperbow, and Rapye's 1Gamma and 2Gamma Blast are not allowed as this will ruin the entire match.
  3. MMA moves are allowed here, just do not do a lot!

MRB Events

MRB 1: Let's get Started!


ME: Rapye def. Sixshooter (head kick)

CME: Zeus vs Swatzeer (Draw, Double KO)

M1: Fiend def. Cardinal Chaos (left hook)

M2: Sniper def. Crimson Carnage (clusters)

M3: Blac Jac def. Lockband (U. Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Jack Hoffer earned the vault of $350K

Both Fighters re-earned their money

Owner of Fiend earned the vault of $500K

Blake Herman earned the vault of $1.2M

Owner of Blac Jac earned the vault of $220K

Prestigeous Fighter: Blac Jac

MRB 2: Slide Doors

ME: Lockband def. Excavator (double kick)

CME: Drazi def. Peacemaker (sudden machida ripoff)

M1: Rapye def. Camelot (overhead kick and ripoff)

M2: Jakker def. Cosmobot (back arm)

M3: Ravage vs. Crusader (No Contest, illegal stomp to head)

Chandler Terry earned the vault of $780K

Blake Herman earned the vault of $1M

Jack Hoffer earned the vault of $500K ($.5M)

Owner of Cosmobot earmed the vault of $1.1M (owner of Jakker betted Cosmobot)

Both fighters lost their money

Prestigeous Fighter: Rapye

MRB 3: Showdown

ME: Rapye def. DoomFire (heel kick)

CME: Lockband def. Albino (controller stoppage)

M1: Bluebot def. Cosmobot (flying crane kick)

M2: Creek def. Spratz (clusters and kicks)

M3: Fat Boy vs Sixshooter (No Contest, illegal takedown)

Info soon!

MRB 4: Iron Fist

ME: Ambush 2.0 def. Salvage (hook)

CME: Rapye def. Swatzeer (uppercut to jaw)

M1: Zeus vs Cardinal Chaos (Draw, Judges' decision)

M2: Fiend def. Sixshooter (head kick)

M3: Albino def. Lockband (hook)

M4: Sniper def. Fat Boy (tumbling kick)

Royal Crumble 1: Hear Me

Format: Round-Challenger-Opponent-Winner

1: Camelot-Blockbuster (Camelot)

2: Camelot-Bio War (Camelot)

3: Camelot-Nitro (Camelot)

4: Camelot-Asura (Asura)

5: Asura-Midas (Asura)

6: Asura-Atom (Asura)

7: Asura-No Joke (Asura)

8: Asura-Tri-Gore (Tri-Gore)

9: Tri-Gore-Dreadlord (Tri-Gore)

10: Tri-Gore-Abandon (Abandon)

11: Abandon-Albino (Albino)

12: Albino-Fiend (Fiend)

13: Fiend-Crimson Carnage (Fiend)

14: Fiend-Cosmobot (Fiend)

15: Fiend-Hollowjack (Fiend)

Final Winner: FIEND

Onslaught 1: The Obilirators

Onslaught Raiders: Fat Boy, Bio War, Bluebot, Atom, Midas, Sixshooter, Hollowjack, Camelot, Shogun, Cosmobot, Albino, Abandon, Excavator, Fiend, Crimson Carnage

Final Winner: Albino

Defeated: 5 (Fiend, Camelot, Atom, Midas, Bio War)

Runner Ups (4): Fiend, Crimson Carnage, Shogun, Camelot

Fiend: Defeated: 1 (Crimson Carnage) Eliminated by: Albino

Crimson Carnage: Defeated: 2 (Shogun, Sixshooter) Eliminated by: Fiend

Shogun: Defeated: 0, Eliminated by: Crimson Carnage

Camelot: Defeated: 1 (Excavator), Eliminated by: Albino

Eliminated First (3): Fat Boy, Sixshooter, Cosmobot

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