"The WRB's Doomsday Device. Here's...MASSACRE!" - Announcer

Vital statistics
Title The Doomsday Device, King of Blood
Generation 3
Bot Type Game Breaker/Demon Wall
Status Working

NAME: Massacre


BOT TYPE: Game Breaker/Demon Wall

HANDLERS:  Team Blood (led by Owen Wadey)


Robot Skeleton: Custom Neo-Spartan V2

Robot Frame: Archangel 540

Robot Endoskeleton: Cosmo Mk5

Robot Power Core: Tri-Core Alpha Reactor

Robot Motherboard: Z87 Extreme11/ac (Originally a ASUS Rampage II Extreme)

Robot Armour: Custom-Forged Dual Plate Armour

Armour Materials: Bulletproof Kevlar, Titanium, Carbon Steel, Carbon Fiber and Graphene.


Massacre's Endoskeleton


Massacre's Base Skeleton and Frame


Owen had always been a fan of the WRB, and was great at finding the parts and insides to build a robot, but not so great at putting them together. When some of his high school friends said they would also want to enter the WRB, Owen said they should work together on one robot. With a bit of elbow grease and a lot of sparks later, Massacre was born. The skeleton was one of Asura's prototype ones, completely re-built from the ground up to work as a cover for the Exoskeleton (installed by Owen in both homage to, and as a lesson from, Underworld legend Rick O' Shay, which is where all the internals were. With the armour being quite thick, it is very difficult to get through, the skeleton itself merely acts as extra shielding from attacks to the main body. It took nearly 4 years to build.

The team started in Underworld, and squashed any and all opposition they faced. From Bluebot to Blacktop to Ambush, no one was safe, eventually, the team decapitated Midas, earning the attention of the WRB, who offered them a contract.


Battle Stats

Strength: 95/100

Speed: 85/100

Armour: 90/100

Intelligence: 85/100

Special Moves: 85/100

Overall Stats

Total: 440/500

Height: 8'7"

Weight: 1854lbs

Made in: England

Signature Moves: "River of Blood", "Armageddon Activation"

Rip-Off: "End of Times"

Specialities: Layered Skeletal Structure

Cost: $5,300,000

Strengths: Durability and Power, Unique Skeletal Structure

Weaknesses: Power Core can overheat, Endoskeleton is made of Solder

Fight Lists


Massacre VS Scrapbot - WIN (Destruction) (Payment: $1000)

Massacre VS Bluebot - WIN (Rip-Off) (Payment: $1500)

Massacre VS Ambush - WIN (Rip-Off) (Payment: $2500)

Massacre VS Aquabot - WIN (Rip-Off) (Payment: $2750)

Massacre VS Six Shooter - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $3750)

Massacre VS Skar - WIN (Destruction) (Payment: Skar's Motherboard)

Massacre VS Metro - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $5000)

Massacre VS Bio War - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $7500)

Massacre VS Noisy Boy - WIN (Rip-Off) (Payment: $9000)

Massacre VS Midas - WIN (Rip-Off) (Payment: $10,000)

World Robot Boxing

Massacre VS Cosmobot - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $20,000)

Massacre VS Nitro (WRB Gold Rush Tournament Round of 32) - WIN (Rip-Off) (Payment: $25,000)

Massacre VS Blac Jac (WRB Gold Rush Tournament Round of 16) - WIN (4:1 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $30,000)

Massacre VS Hattori 2.0 (WRB Gold Rush Tournament Quarter-Finals) - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $50,000)

Massacre VS Camelot (WRB Gold Rush Tournament Semi-Final) - WIN (3:2 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $70,000)

Massacre VS Crimson Carnage (WRB Gold Rush Tournament Final) - WIN (4:1 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $150,000)

Massacre VS Zeus (WRB Championship Match) - LOSS (Knockout) (Payment: $0)

Massacre VS Cardinal Chaos - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $50,000)*

Massacre VS Aztec (WRB Championship Number 1 Contender's Match) - WIN (4:1 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $75,000)

Massacre VS Atom (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (3:2 Judges' Decision, NEW WRB Champion!) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Zeus II (WRB Championship Match) - LOSS (3:2 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $0)

Massacre VS Atom (Massacre's Rematch Clause VS Atom's WRB United States Championship) - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $80,000)

Massacre VS Steampunk (WRB United States Championship Match) - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $80,000)

Massacre VS Zeus III (WRB & WRB United States Championship Winner-Takes-All Match) - WIN (T.K.O.**, NEW WRB Champion!) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Zeus: The Final Encounter (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (3:2 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS General Carnage (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Guzunderbot (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (Knockout/Ring Out***) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Major Steel (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (Ring Out) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Asura (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (4:1 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Scorpion (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (Ring Out) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS No Joke (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Fraust (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (Ring Out) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Violette (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (Knockout) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Tri-Gore (WRB Championship Match) - LOSE (Knockout) (Payment: $0)****

Massacre VS Atom (WRB Gold Rush Tournament Round of 32) - WIN (T.K.O) (Payment: $25,000)

Massacre VS Ronin (WRB Gold Rush Tournament Round of 16) - WIN (Ring Out) (Payment: $30,000)

Massacre VS Anubis (WRB Gold Rush Tournament Semi-Finals*****) - WIN (T.K.O) (Payment: $70,000)

Massacre VS Drago (WRB Gold Rush Tournament Final) - WIN (3:2 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $175,000)

Massacre VS Tri-Gore II (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (4:1 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Drago (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (Ring Out) (Payment $100,000)

Massacre VS Crash (WRB and RCL******* Winner-Take-All Championship Match) - WIN (5:0 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $250,000)

Massacre VS Phantom (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (4:1 Judges' Decision) (Payment: $100,000)

Massacre VS Psytron (WRB Championship Match) - WIN (Ring Out) (Payment:$100,00)

Massacre VS Frankenstein's Monster ("Frankenstein's $1,000,000 Challenge for the WRB Championship) - WIN (Ring Out) (Payment: $1,000,000)

(* = Massacre took about 2 months off after this match due to the damaged he took)

(** = This was the result of the "New York City Screwjob", see below)

(*** = Guzunderbot was knocked out while on the ropes, then Massacre knocked them clean out of the ring, the first time it had ever happened in WRB history. In homage to this, the WRB would establish Ring Outs as a new victory method, and these became Massacre's trademark finish)

(**** = Massacre was forced onto the shelf for 8 months, due to the damage sustained from Tri-Gore's Primordial Slam)

(*****= Massacre returned as the surprise entrant in the 2020 Gold Rush Tournament.)

(****** = Massacre received a bye into Semi-Finals due to a double T.K.O finish to the fight between Fiend and Scorpion in the Round of 16)

(******* = Robot Combat League was brought out by the WRB in Mid-2020)

New York City Screwjob

The "New York City Screwjob" (also called the New York Incident) was a match-fixing incident that occurred on the 9th November 2022, during a WRB Championship Match between Zeus and Massacre. The result of which had Massacre winning the WRB Championship by T.K.O., even though Zeus was still active. Despite appeals from Farra Lemkova to overturn the win and re-award Zeus the championship, the win still stands, and it is one of the most controversial events to ever take place in WRB history.

Events Of The Screwjob

On the November 9th 2022 edition of "Real Steel", which was being held in Madison Square Garden, New York City, the WRB United States Champion Massacre (after retaining his rematch against Atom) challenged Zeus for the WRB Championship in a Winner-Takes-All Match in the main event. The fight was relatively back and forth, but it seemed that Zeus, overall, had the advantage. About 2 minutes into Round 8, Massacre managed to stun Zeus against the ropes, Massacre struck Zeus until he went down on all fours. Massacre then hit Zeus with his own "Nukefist" signature attack, knocking Zeus down. Almost immediately after this happened, the referee called for the bell, and Massacre was declared the winner by Techincal Knockout and the new WRB Champion.

During this announcement, Owen says he was told by the one of the WRB's board member's to "grab the belt and get the f*** out of there!". One of the other members of Team Blood already had grabbed the belt. By the end of the announcement that Massacre was the champion Team Blood and Massacre were leaving the arena to thunderous boos, as the audience had figured out what had happened: Zeus had been screwed out of his championship.


Mere minutes after the Screwjob occurred, the WRB posted a statement, in which they said that this was a " blatant abuse of power by one of our board members". The board member responsible, who refused to be named, said that he order the Screwjob because Zeus "was becoming a stale champion, and that's bad for business", he was fired later that day, however, the company denied an appeal by Farra Lemkova to overturn the win stating that, as with all controversial bouts "the referee's call is final", however, they did give Zeus a championship rematch the week after, which Zeus lost by a very close Judge's decision.

Owen also did not take the events of the Screwjob lightly, as it was later revealed that some of Team Blood had negotiated, and known about, the Screwjob. Owen said: "It disgusts me to inform you, that some of my team negotiated with that WRB board member, and knew about what was going to happen on November 9th 2022, those team members have been fired, and since referee calls cannot be overturned, I can only offer my most heartfelt, and sincere apology to all of Team Zeus, especially Farra Lemkova, for those events."



1 Time King of Crash Palace

Winner of the 2018 Battle of N.Y.C

World Robot Boxing

3 Time WRB Champion

1 Time, and Final WRB United States Champion (This title was unified with the WRB Championship in the New York Screwjob)

Winner of the 2018 and 2020 Gold Rush Tournament


WRB United States Title

The WRB United States Championship, of which Massacre was the last holder of.


Massacre's Control Setup

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