-"Here's the space killer himself, Martian!"

Name: Martian

Here's the space killer, Martian!

Handler: Sean Uriarte

Title/Nickname: Space Killer

Generation: Formerly 2 (Now 3)

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser Level 5

Status: Online

Head: Atom

Body: Zeus

Right Arm: Clown

Left Arm: Clown

Right Leg: Zeus

Left Leg:Zeus

Martian 2.0:

Head: Atomprime (Gold)

Body: Zeus (Gold)

Right Arm: Midas (Gold)

Left Arm: Midas (Gold)

Right Leg: Twincities (Platinum)

Left Leg: Twincities (Platinum)


Height: 8'6"

Weight: 930 lbs

Origin: Philippines 

Signature Move: Abduction

                            Super Abduction (Excavator)

                             Ultra Abduction (Hollowjack)

Ability: Reconstruction

Special Feature: Magma Core & Adaptive Fight Code


Was designed to be the robot "Manny Pacquiao" after July 2016 after Manny retired from boxing.


  • Martian was upgraded after he faught a gruesome battle with Terrorhawk.


Stats: 7/1



Armor: 100/100

Power: 95/100

Speed: 95/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Total: 390/400

Martian 2.0:

Armor: 100/100

Power: 110/100

Speed: 90/100

Intelligence: 150/100

Total: 450/500


Chapter 1: The Future

After Manny retired, human boxers were slowly being replaced with robot boxers. Meanwhile, A professional boxer named Sean decided to make a robot boxer for himself. He went to Mang Garry's Robot Part Shop and found parts for his new robot named Martian. Martian was named "The Second Filipino Robot Boxer".

Chapter 2: The Frankenbot (Martian vs. Metro)

Sean brought Martian to America and fought Metro. In the first round, Martian pummeled Metro. But, in the next round, Metro started to have the advantage. In the final round, Martian dislocated Metro's head and defeated the frankenbot.

Chapter 3: Noisy

When Martian beat Metro, they had enough money to enter the WRB.

A few weeks later, Martian was against Noisyboy. Martian landed the first punch. For the rest of the round Noisyboy kept on using his signature move against Martian non-stop. The second round came in and Martian got the upper-hand. Martian beat Noisyboy. But their next opponent is far more powerful...

Chapter 4: Clock Parts

Martian was ready to fight his next opponent. It was Gridlock. Before they got to the arena, they saw Atom, about to fight Blac Jac. They entered the arena. Gridlock was the first one to land a punch. Martian then used his signature move on Gridlock. Gridlock was already heavily damaged. Before Gridlock was defeated, he landed a punch that stunned Martian for a bit. Then Martian did the final blow and won the battle.

Chapter 5 Part 1: Back to The Underworld

They headed to the Motor City Spectrum to fight Terrorhawk, but there was some maintainance going on there. So they went to The Crash Palace to fight Albino. They entered the arena and Albino immediately used an illegal move that sent Martian to the edge of the arena. Albino won the first round. In the second round Martian ripped off Albino's right arm. In the last round, Albino knocked out Martian. Martian lost the fight.

Chapter 5 Part 2: The Great White NOPE

Martian went for a rematch with Albino. Martian went for a jab and it hit Albino in the abdomen. Martian used Abduction and Albino's circuits were malfunctioning until Martian ripped off Albino's head and won the fight.

Chapter 6 Part 1: The Magenta Mohawk Maestro

In the entrance of the Motor City Spectrum, they saw that fans were taking pictures of them. After that, they entered the arena. The announcer said "Welcome to the W...RB! In the red corner, we have the space killer himself, Martian!

"In the blue corner, we have The Magenta Mohawk Maestro, Terrorhawk!

Immediately after the bell rang, Martian snapped Terrorhawk's left arm off, only to get pummeled by Terrorhawk, who used the Southpaw Pain Revolution, sending Martian flying into the red corner while getting impaled by the pole in the corner. They both breakdown, and before the countdown ends, the bell for the end of the fight rings out. The announcer said "Looks like we have let the judges decide.

Judge 1: Terrorhawk: 8 / Martian: 10

Judge 2: Terrorhawk: 10 / Martian: 9

Judge 3: Terrorhawk: 10 / Martian: 9

Final Score: Terrorhawk: 28 / Martian: 28

The announcer says "And it's a draw!"

Chapter 6 Part 2: Minor Repairs

They repaired their circuits, body parts and armor.

But Martian was upgraded into his second form and became a G3 robot.

Martian 2.0!

He also has a new adaptive fight code that allows him to adapt to anything!

Chapter 7: Cosmobot

One day, a mysterious letter appeared in Sean's house. It read:

Greetings. Meet me at Bing Arena at 5:00 pm tomorrow.


The next day, they went to Bing Arena. They saw Cosmobot and his owner.

The bell rang and then Cosmobot used his signature move on Martian. Martian used his new adaptive fight code that also makes him automatic. He uppercuts Cosmobot which sends him flying to the corner of the arena. Martian then grabs Cosmobot's left arm and throws it away. Surprisingly, Cosmobot can still pack a punch with his right arm remaining. Martian finally crushed his opponent's head.

Chapter 8: Twincities

Martian came to Starfire Arena and found Twincities so he fought him.

Twincities hooks Martian three times and then Martian smacks Twincities' face and then used Southpaw Pain Revolution. Twincities uses his signature move and brings Martian down to the ground. Immediately, Martian got up and pummeled Twincities and ripped off his two heads.

Chapter 9: King Of The Robots

A few days after Martian's victory against Twincities, Martian challenged Zeus to a fight. The fight was very long, it lasted one hour. In 30 minutes, Zeus' left arm was off of his body already. Martian knocked Zeus out and Martian won. TBC


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