Stats and bla bla bla

Health: 3950

Power: 600

Speed: 250

Handler: An insane maniac who killed over 100 people without getting caught

Special: Insane Asylum

Feature: Kill mode (Designed to rip robots part by part.), Scammer (Used to take the features away), Shadow Box

Origin: An insane asylum

Announcing Quote: From the depths of insanity, it's the insane bot, scream for Maniac X!

Outro Line: Another bot has been thrown into the hands of Maniac X, bow down to him!

The Origin

Maniac was built. The mental person looked at his bot. It was a well done creation. The maniac had made this strange bot with strong steel straight from his cell bars and other metal things. Maniac was dragged to a new robot boxing arena then fought an unknown, strange bot called Gun Hammer (RS Champions bot). Maniac took a pounding then easily defeated Hammer with an uppercut that broke Hammer's face. Then the patient got too cocky so booked a match with Asura (RS Champions final boss), then Maniac was rapidly punching Asura and finally activated Kill Mode. Maniac was wild and insane now, ripping off Asura's limbs and head. People had heard of this new bot. Maniac was put in a match with Noisy Boy. This was easy, since Maniac used illegal moves. So Noisy Boy lost, then the insane person decided to finish to the WRB. There were some Underworld bots who beat WRB bots or got in an undefeated streak. Maniac challenged them, 10 vs 1. Maniac tripped the bots using his leg, then punched one's face. It caused mass system failiure. This weapon was deadly to metal. Then, Abandon stood before Maniac. But this was no joke. It was Maniac VS ALL WRB BOTS! With Zeus, of course. Maniac got trampled by the WRB bots, but now it was revenge. Maniac destroyed BlacJac's motherboard, ripped off Danger Zone's mainframe and dented Atom to pieces. Everyone who watched this was shocked that one bot could stand against so many bots. Maniac's rampage became unstable. Every bot was demolished, except Zeus. The champion feared this new bot now. Zeus backed away. Maniac then landed an uppercut that ripped off Zeus' head. His owner was proud of his bot and decided that Maniac should kill all Underworld bots. But then, Punk (RSC bot) just got there. Maniac beat Punk.

The Ravagor Problem (Maniac V.S Ravagor)

After that Ravagor V.S Greatshark fight, Ravagor was soaking wet. The maniac hid in a bush and was silent. One of Mark's truck wheels popped out, so he was finding a spare wheel. The maniac rustled it, but Mark didn't hear it. Mark ignored it, but turned around. The maniac stabbed Mark. Mark was in the hospital. When he was still unconscious, the maniac writ a note. It read:

"Meet me and my bot Maniac, don't come and I will come back for you. COME ALONE"

Mark was confident enough to meet up with Maniac. He offered a fight and they went under a bridge. The match immediately.

Maniac jabs Ravagor continously, then Ravagor strikes back with a devastating uppercut. It knocked Maniac down. Maniac got up at 6 seconds. Maniac and Ravagor are punching each other now. This was the most drawn out, boring match of Ravagor and Maniac. They kept punching each other until Maniac stops it. Maniac jumps at Ravagor, but Ravagor uppercutted Maniac, which shut down Maniac's systems.

The Maniac panicked and ran along with his bot. Mark went back home in fear that he will return for him

The OP Club (Maniac's new group. Note this is a game bot group.)

After the match, there was a new place called the OP Club. Only people whose bots beat Zeus or another OP bot, they were bound to join. Maniac was invited to the OP Club, as well as Fiend, Crimson Carnage, Touchdown, Tackle, Hollowjack and BioWar. The OP Club was a massive glass dome with a huge neon sign with the name on it, pictures of brutal Rip-Offs, and a TV that included fights with OP bots and, what bots need, sparring bots! Maniac and his new partners walked in, and there was a picture of Maniac landing the uppercut that knocked Zeus' head off. Each owner was given a huge and wide cabin with what robot handlers need and furniture. This was Maniac's paradise.

Trainings (Mini Story)

Maniac's OP sparring bot walked in the ring. Maniac kicked the sparring bot in the head, causing its motherboard to shatter.

Killing time itself (Maniac VS Clockwork)

The Maniac was playing a game on his computer, until he saw an ad. It said "Clockwork, a new bot challenges WRB fighters! Come to the Time Arena!" So the Maniac readied his bot for the match. There stood Clockwork. 1, 2, 3, FIGHT! Maniac uppercutted Clockwork, which caused his head to be ripped off. Easy peasy!

The Evolution (Upgrade)

The Magobos Evolvechine stood in Maniac's way. Maniac evolved to Maniac X, a red, white, black 9 feet tall menace.

Junkyard Dog (Against Atom, again)

Maniac X needed an exclusive sparring bot: Atom, the People's Champion. 1,2,3 FIGHT! X bombarded Atom with punches then landed a punch that beat Atom. 1, 2, 3! Maniac X used the Scammer, which took Atom's Shadow Box feature away.

The Friends Has Turned Against Maniac X (The Whole OP Club V.S Maniac X)

After hearing about Maniac's major upgrade, his partners have turned the tables for Maniac X. Maniac X beheaded Fiend, broke Touchdown's Uranium Core. This scared the bots' owners. They ran in fear of losing their great bots.

Thiefbot Strikes The Town With Chaos

"WARNING! A DANGEROUS THIEF HAS COME TO TOWN! IT TURNS OUT TO BE A BOT!" The Maniac read this article and wanted his bot to fight the bot that robbed. Thiefbot was a bot that changed sizes, so Thiefbot grew the size of a boxing bot. 1! 2! 3! FIGHT! Thiefbot got bombarded by punches and was defeated. Easy.

The Dangerous Path to the West (Sixshooter)

The Maniac was in a tour in the West, until he got out of his train. He sat in a bench, looking at nothing. Suddenly, a bot appeared. Maniac X charged to SixShooter and one hit KOd Sixshooter.

How To Beat Two Cities (Twin Cities Rematch)

Twin Cities striked first with swift punches then Maniac X strikes back. One uppercut, another uppercut, a jab, another jab, a left hook, a right hook. Twin Cities was down.

The Zoomonster Of the Ring (Metro)

Metro stood before X. X punched Metro. Done. One hit K.O

 ????? (ShadowKiller (made up from imagination) V.S Maniac X)

The Shadowkiller was taking over the world by storm and totally wrecked Maniac X's popularity. The Maniac needed to show who's boss. So they went over and met Shadowkiller. It was like the name, it was all black, with glaring red eyes. 1! 2! 3! FIGHT! Shadowkiller charged but Maniac punched with all his force. Shadowkiller got up and uppercutted Maniac X. Maniac X paid it back with a punch that sent Shadowkiller staggering back and getting out of the ring

G. Mech

Maniac X has been inserted into Global Mech, the biggest team in robot boxing history.

A Terrible, Terrible Day.

The Maniac noticed that Maniac X was missing. The Thief had sent him a message that read:

"You'll never find your bot again. I hid it in a place you'll probably never find it. If you find him, fight Thiefbot again. He's more strong and deadly than ever. If you don't have a spare bot, i'll beat you up."

The Maniac noticed that he had so many robot parts from others, that he could make one! So he made a bot that was called S.C.R.A.P. He found the place, it was a big old warehouse. The Thief began the fight. S.C.R.A.P charged to Thiefbot 2.0 and they began a massive brawl. It wasn't so much boxing after all. It was wrestling and boxing combined. Finally, S.C.R.A.P landed a wrestling smackdown that shattered Thiefbot 2.0's head. Maniac X had suddenly been returned.

A Brand New Evolution

Maniac X had his X days over. So he evolved to Maniac Y, the deadliest machine ever faced by many.

The End.

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