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Maglev Entering the ring

Origin: Japan

Nickname: The Fighter with Wheels





Special Feature: Maglev Wheels

Special Move: Railway Demolition

Creator: Izumida Naganata


Maglev was created when Izumida Naganata was inspired the maglev train in Tokyo which is about 600 kmh fast so he had the idea to create a robot named maglev so he first bought four maglev wheels which costs already 1 million dollars already a few years later he finished the robot and was better than he expected after he introduced a generation 6 the newest version of the WRB League and was the very first G6 bot. He later was invited by the Hammerfall Partners to fight in the league he first fought the generation 3 bot Excavator. In the first round Excavator slammed Maglev but no damage was done when Maglev had a chance to activate the Maglev drills in his arms and soon sliced Excavator in half when Excavators handlers complained the officials said it was legal because it was originally a body punch so Maglev won the fight while Excavator left the arena with his body sliced in half. So the following week he faced robots such as BlacJac Camelot Zeus Ravagor Bunker Buster and Gridlock 2.0 and beated them all up the worst he beated up was Zeus when He sliced off the left foot of Zeus leaving Zues defenseles and got his whole body shreded to peices in just 2 seconds after Maglev performed his railway demolition. However his streak ended after he went to the underworld and stayed for 3 years. His last fight was with Dark Feind and made the demonic predator suffer after losing a leg and son got his head sliced. He then returned to WRB and fought Atom for the world title and in just the secong round Atom ends up lusing his head and a leg and destroy his voice recognition and disabled his shadow mode for a year. He won and became the world champion. When Maglev was training in the room of the arena he was invited by Sarge 2.0 a stronger bot which was destroyed by generation 5 bot Bulldozer 18 years ago however the fight only lasted 3 rounds when Sarge's core suddenly burned due to an intense overheat in the 2nd round. Maglev won due to Sarge's retirement. He was left unchallenged to a fight for 2 weeks until Twin Cities challenged him and the fight lasted for 5 rounds as Twin Cities beated Maglev in round 1 and 2 but maglev beated Twin Cities in the third round in the fouth round Maglev removed the arms of Twin Cities so he was allowed tto do illegal moves as a rule so in the fifth round Twin Cities who was defenceless kicked Maglev but was countered when Maglev gave him a double drill uppercut to the head which decapitated both Twin Cities heads Maglev won the match ending Twin Cities carreer. Maglev retired when Naganata was murdured in his hotel room after he was shot. Maglev was left in the Truck and was safe but Izumida died in the hospital. When his son Kazuma got the news he went to America to get his dads truck and the robot Izumida was buried in Japan in Hakone. His son Kazuma read the letter from his father which said "once i die maglev will be in your hands and you will make him a legend in the league" so Kazuma went back to US to face Noisy Boy at the crash palace since Kazuma was smart at using Maglev (smarter than his dad) he won in just 5 seconds after he sliced Noisy Boy to peices. He soon was invited by Tak Mashido and faced up against a rebuilt and a mightier Zeus for the world title in the first round Zeus nukefisted Maglev in the body but only left a scratch then Maglev countered Zeus by doing his suround slice the eventualy sliced the right hand of Zeus and sliced as well the weak right foot of Zeus leaving Zeus hopping around but to Maglevs surprise Zeus managed to survive round 1 but with just a left arm and foot and head remaining. In the second round maglev sliced off the hand and foot and head of Zeus in just a second making Maglev once again the champion he was undefeated for 4 years until his reign ended when a g7 bot named Tron destroyed Maglev but he was rebuilt later on and faced once more Tron for his third title. He did win after literally slicing his foe in half and making him explode Maglev won due to his superior G8 core and G8 build after years had past and his winning streak ongoing Kazuma retired his bot and deactivated him for life. Kazuma did have a great life living in America. He did charity fights for bots in Japan and had a peaceful life. Will Maglev return as a G9 bot or will he stay a G8. Find out next!

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