Mad Madison drawn in FlipaClip


  • Mad Madison is the fourth female bot (others being Scarlette, Violette, and DJ Electrix) but is unofficial to the movie and the games.
  • her primary color is blue, turquoise, and white.
  • Mad Madison is based off of PurpleA’s classmate
  • Mad Madison is one of the tallest fan made bots


Mad Madison is one of the most beautiful bots you have ever seen, she is very slender, and tall. She is the second bot to have a tail (other one being Scorpion) but she doesn’t use it for fighting, on her chest, it looks like Atom’s chest, but instead two X’s and a frown in the middle and a LED light. The X’s have angry eyebrows. She also has hair but it’s actually metal welded together in a form of hair. She has grey boots, more lights at the shin, more X’s on her knees, slender arms, and rounded sides. She also has a bow.

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