Announcer Quote - "From the Underworld's darkest abyss, here's... Macro!

NAME: Macro, "The abyss bot"


BOT TYPE: Fragile Speedster

HANDLER: Noisy Ferox


Overall Stats

Strength: 88/100

Speed: 91/100

Armour: 86/100

Intelligence: 87/100

Total Battle Rating: 352/400

Made in: Spain

Signature Moves: "Showdown", "Abyss knockout".  

Special feature: lightweight hydraulic skeleton

Handler: Noisy Ferox


All started when Noisy had lost a fight with a borrowed bot. The bot was ripped-off and, the owners made Noisy pay up all the repair costs. After paying the costs, Noisy realized that he basically was bankrupt. Suddenly he remember that he had some parts in his "garage", he went there, and was surprised to see more parts than what he remembered. With some tools, he somehow could make his bot, the only problem was that he hasn't putted him a name yet, but, he thought;

"Well, my bots and I never win, so, why putting effort to putting him a name"

After that, he decide to take him to the Crash Palace, and again he thought to himself;

"If I don't win, at least I can make some money by selling the head"

And, then he went to the Crash Palace to fight with his new bot

He asked if there was a battle avaible, and they told him that there was a battle that night against bluebot. And so he accepted the challenge

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