The Long-Fisted Figther





Name: Longshot

Title: The Long-Fisted Fighter

Generation: 4,5

Status: Online

RobotType: Brawler

Height: 9,5"

Weight: 950 lbs

SignatureMove: Upper-Longcut

Announcer'sQuote: He is the Long-Fisted Figther...cheer for Longshot !!

Origin: Hawaii


Armor: 95/100

Power: 100/100

Speed: 100/100

SpecialFeature: Super-Light Fists and Anti-Overheat System



After George Stinger (If you dont know who George is, check the Barricade page.) got famous, he builded another robot named Longshot. Longshot's arms actually belong to Axelrod, with few upgrades and got painted. Axelrod's owner trashed him after got lost in a match againts Zeus. And then Longshot's torso has the excact replica of Abandon's torso. The reason is because Abandon's torso is wide, so Longshot could reach longer. Even longer than Barricade's reach !! BTW, after done building Longshot, George did not bring him into a match, but trained him. George tested Longshot's combo's, and then saved the combo. After that, George bring Longshot to a match againts Zeus !! Just kidding. His match was against Albino. When the match started, Longshot pushes Albino away from him. George actually just wanted to test Longshot's reach. When Albino walked towards Longshot, kinda a 3 meter away, Longshot makes a hook, and Albino got hit by that hook, causing Albino to fly trough the chains. "I cant believe it ! It was so far-far away from him !!" Says George. And then George started to get excited ! But Albino already trew punches everywhere. When Albino trew a roundhouse, Longshot dodged and do the long-ranged special called "Upper-Longcut" to Albino, causing Albino to lose his head. Longshot won the match !! After the match, George searched for a second match on that night. And he got a match against a bot called Friday. Weird name huh ? BTW, the match goes on an abandoned factory called the "Koma Club". When George arrived, he got greeted by Scraff, Friday's owner. "How's your robot's status ?" Ask Scraff to George. "Very very good ! How's yours ?" George replied. "Nothin' much, but Friday is ready to kick your ass !!". When then the bell runged, Longshot did his low punch to Friday, but barelly give him a scratch. "Your going down !!" Shouts Scraff to George. Indeed, Friday threw a double-uppercut, and then followed by a counter attack. "NOOOO !!!" Shout George. Longshot got beaten up by Friday. But when Friday trew a roundhouse kick (Made by me.), Longshot dodged and gave a hardcore uppercut to Friday, causing Friday to fly to the corner. But then Friday runs towards Longshot and gets his fist ready for a cross. Longshot also gonna give a cross to Friday. But, because Longshot's reach is 2x longer than Friday's reach, Friday got hit by that cross before he even landed his cross. And that cross caused Friday lost his rigth arm. "Dagnab it !!!!" Curse Scraff. "Bye-bye, Friday !" Says George to Scraff. Then Longshot gives the Upper-Longcut, causing Friday lose his head like Albino. "HELL YAAAAAAHHHHHH !!!!!!" Shout George victorious. "ARGHHH !!!! DAGNAB IT !!!!!!! I WANNA REMATCH !!!!" Shout Scraff with anger. "You cant ! Now gimme the money !" Says George. "Fine !!" Says Scraff. Then Scraff gives the $100 as promised. "REMEMBER KID ! I WILL GET MY REVENGE !!" Shout Scraff to George. George got confused. Why is Scraff got so angry ? He just lost a match, but not that important match like a championship match. Then George asked one of the watchers. "Before this match, Friday is actually unbeatable, even against Midas !" Says the guy to George. Now George knows why he is so mad after losing that fight. 


After Longshot wins against Friday, George got invited to an unknown place. But George still went to the place. When he arrived, he just realized that this is the place where Ambush got destroyed by a bull called Black Thunder. Surprisingly, George got challenged by the owner of the bull, Rick. "The winner gets $500 ! Wat do yah think ?" Ask Rick. "Deal !" George accepted the challenge. When the match started, BT's (Black Thunder) cage got opened. And the BT run towards Longshot aggresively. But Longshot dodged BT's strike and kicks BT's ball sack twice. "IN YOUR FACE !!" Shout George excitedly. When BT growls, Longshot smacked BT's head, causing BT to fell down to the ground. But BT stands up and then strikes Longshot, causing Longshot to fly to the barricades. When Longshot was down, BT ran towards Longshot, meaning this is a bad thing. But Longshot quickly slides under BT and hooks BT's ball sack twice. When BT was down, Longshot kicks him in da face, causing BT flies to the barricades. This time, Longshot charged into BT. Longshot runs towards BT as fast as he could, and then lands a dropkick to BT in da face, AGAIN !! That dropkick caused BT to pass out. Longshot won the match !! "IN YOUR FACE, BUUULLLLLL !! AND IN YOUR FACE RICK !!!!!!" Shout George to Rick. "What ?! This is cant be happening !!" Shout Rick. "Now wheres my $500 ?!" Says George. "Fine fine ! This time, i let you win !!" Says Rick. Then Rick gives the $500 as promised. George took home with Longshot and $500. HOORRAAYYY !!


After the victorious, George went home. But when he is home, he got a mail. He got challenged by a robot called Prototype in the WRB ! "OMG OMG OMG !! This is Longshot's chance to show that he is a powerful bot !!" Says George. The next day, George went to the WRB with Longshot in his truck. In there, he saw alot of robot such as Scarlette, DominiqueX (Random name), Burst (Random name too), and much more. His excitment ends when he saw Prototype. Prototype is a freakin huge robot !! But barelly his heigth is 8'3", still shorter than Longshot. His right arm describes a machine-gun, and his left arm describes a rocket. "That looks powerfull." Says George scared. But then he took off. That time theres a match where Abandon was gonna face Brooks, a new robot. But Abandon barelly lost. And then theres a match where Gridlock was gonna facing Gridlock Classic, a classic-modeled Gridlock that made out from pure bronze and silver. Of course, Gridlock Classic won. And theres an announcement about a new robot called HotRod (Axelrod Gold). But then Benny, Prototype's owner comes to George. "Good to see yah !" Says Benny. "Thanks. Its good to see you too." George replied. George first thought that Benny is a punky guy like Artie, but the truth is he is a very kind guy ! "So, did you accept the challenge ? Winner gets tuh $1000 !" Ask George. "Of course ! Why not ?" George replied. "Good. Meet me at the back stage in 07.00 PM !" Says Benny. Then they split up. George then went to the Robot Convention, where new robots got showed there. In there, he saw such new robots like Ultra Zeus, Hades Prototype, Ambush 2.0 (Owned by Ambus No.1 fan), and then SuperMaxx, a new robot that was designed and created by Farra Lemkova. After the G4 sections, George goes to the G3 sections. In there he saw Atom Prime, Ambush Rev-Up edition (My new upcoming bot.), Halloween Zeus, and the classic Zeus, that were sold. In the G2 section he saw Redbot (Upgraded Bluebot.), Cyber, and much more. Then he sees the clock, its 06.50. So George gets in his truck and drives to the WRB. -TO BE CONTINUED-

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