Little Angel is the main protagonist robot of Real Steel: Ferocious Ferrous. She is one of the strongest Jack of All Stats from 2025 to 2028. She has an estimated 27 wins and 1 loss.

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SPEED: 67/100
POWER: 86/100
ARMOR: 95/100
SPECIAL: 88/100
OVERALL: 410/500

Special Moves

Uppercut Diablo (HEAD RIP-OFF, a barrage of powerful punches to torso and face, ending in a powerful uppercut, decapitating the enemy and sending their head flying)
Elbow Slam Diablo (powerful elbow slam to face or back, followed by a headlock, and finishing with a smashing blow to the enemy's face)
Kick Diablo (powerful roundhouse kick or jab-like kick)
Creep Zone (charging blow with both fists out, knocking enemy back)
What You're Made Of (charges forward, landing a massive right cross or uppercut)
Fireout (powerful straight right jab)
Jaw Splint (powerful left uppercut straight to jaw)
Lightbuster (multiple heavy punches to lower torso)
Lightbuster V2 (Lightbuster with more but slower punches followed by a left jab to upper face)
Circuitstopper (powerful Jaw Splint uppercut followed by a ducking uppercut to torso's side or back)
Wastemaker (heavy powerful straight to one shoulder, weakening it)
Dragon's Destiny (barrage of powerful blows to body, shoulders, and head, usually tearing an arm off during this)
Ryder's Special (a series of rapid powerful blows to head and torso, along with a stunning Fireout)
Jessie's Special (a Lightbuster V2, Circuitstopper, left haymaker, right backhand, and ending in a huge left uppercut)
Spinal Shot (move used in underworld fights, right hook to face, bob and weaves, gets behind enemy, and huge left straight to back of neck)
Rob and Heave (move used in underworld fights, two right haymakers to side, bob and weaves, and right uppercut to jaw, followed by a few left and right jabs to face)
Flamespurter (move used in underworld fights, rapid left and right crosses to jaw, followed by a huge left hook to stomach)
Uptown Frenzy (move used in underworld fights, lowers and spins arm rapidly, huge right uppercut to jaw, left backhand to face, two right jabs to stomach, and a heel-stomp to left thigh) 
Downtown Frenzy (move used in underworld fights, left cross to left thigh, right cross to right thigh, Creep Zone to pelvis, and a right roundhouse Kick Diablo to face)
Marksmaster (ARM RIP-OFF, move used in underworld fights, shoves enemy, raises one of arms toward them like they are aiming, charges, and strikes one of their shoulders, tearing one of their arms off)
Systemwheezer (move used in underworld fights, bob and weaves, land a side right uppercut, followed with a barrage of haymakers, and ending into a huge left cross)
Circuitstopper V2 (move used in underworld fights, Circuitstopper only with a series of backhands and jabs in the middle and ending in two huge right crosses)
Dragon's Destiny V2 (move used in underworld fights, Dragon's Destiny only slightly faster  and less focused with a right cross to the face at the end, grabs enemy and body-slams them, gets up swiftly)

Winnings: Never listed in Little Angel's career.

Special Feature: Wildfired Wired-Gauntlets

Little Angel's Wildfired Wired-Gauntlets are special fists made by Jessie herself.
According to an interview with her in 2027, the gauntlets' bases were salvaged by a robot referred to ''Some weird bot. Think he was from Japan or something. Was missing his head. Right arm appeared to be torn off but was found very nearby. Salvaged that fist too. Whoever made that bot, you're a hero in my book.''

Weight: 2368 pounds. (Heavyweight)

Height: 7'11 feet tall.

Handler: Jessie Kelaworth, now both her and Ryder Ringlerwell.


Little Angel was created on December 7th, 2025. This Little Angel was referred to ''Little Angel Beta'', which was a much-weaker and less-improved model of the modern Little Angel.

Little Angel took part in a tournament in celebration of Christmas which was upcoming. She made it to Round 3, the final round, and was challenged by a robot known as ''A'' as the rest of his name was unknown.

Much of this fight was erased by Little Angel but the ending was memorable. After 5 deadly rounds, both robots delivered heavy blows to each other, knocking both to the ground.

Little Angel managed to get up in the 10 seconds she had, declaring her the winner. The ''A'' robot's owner, who was never named but was a white male with blue eyes and a strange scar over his nose bridge, suddenly vanished with a trace along with his now-trashed robot.

While Little Angel was being brought back from the tournament, a strange smell was coming off Little Angel. Jessie dismissed and continued practicing. The smell only got worse and worse but was indescribable. Jessie couldn't just put her finger on it.

One night, Jessie was awoken by the beeping of her smoke alarm. She got up and raced to the garage, being met with smoke.

When Little Angel was struck, her unstable circuit board had shattered in its socket. The wires connecting to it short-circuited, causing it to let off a sickly smell as Little Angel was being cooked from the inside.

Jessie was met with Little Angel, now burning. The circuit board finally gave out and erupted, showering the room in smoke and setting the robot ablaze.

Firefighters were called to the scene. The building had burnt down. Jessie's belongings were lost... along with the destruction of Little Angel Beta, leaving the champion a mangled mess of burnt metal and exposed circuits.

After months of hard work to get herself to buy a new home, Jessie's family eventually gifted her money, allowing her to get back to work. After weeks of working and seeing what's left of Little Angel Beta, she finally created a brand-new machine. Little Angel Alpha. The modern Little Angel.

Jessie and her newly-crafted design of Little Angel took to multiple tournaments, beating bot after bot. She was unstoppable, racking up 27 wins with only a few of them actually making it past two rounds.

Eventually, she was challenged by an opponent known as ''Sleepy-Head'' who was a newly-developed robot with equal stats and an equally-powerful handler. Little Angel Alpha and Sleepy-Head collided in an epic battle of 5 deadly rounds of head-clashing, bolt-shattering punches and attacks.

Eventually, a powerful move brought the poor dragon robot to her knees, collapsing to the ground. Paralyzed by the blow, she was unable to get up and had lost the battle. This had been the first loss of Little Angel Alpha.

Embarrassed and shocked by the loss, Jessie didn't know what to do. She had spent forever on this robot which had previously been destroyed. She couldn't take ridicule.

Jessie overreacted, vanishing from the tournament, erasing all data of Little Angel Alpha, canceling all upcoming fights, disposing of the remains of Little Angel Beta's dismantled and burnt body, and locked up Little Angel Alpha in the base. She went into hiding as everyone seemed to forget about her.

Years past of her working as fry cooks and janitors until a young fellow by the name of ''Ryder Ringlerwell'' comes along. He had managed to remember her history, along with Little Angel. She discusses a plan about an upcoming tournament that will help both of them get back up on their feet.

Desperate to quit her horrible jobs and wishing for her old life of fame and winning, she agrees. She quits her current job, obtains Little Angel Alpha, becomes Ryder's coach, and enters the tournament. Now, she's ready to get her fame back along with some revenge. She'll be the one putting Sleepy-Head to sleep.

After a night of training, the day before the event, Jessie decides to pay a visit to an old junkyard. She discovers a strange spot that seems vaguely familiar. Why is this spot so familiar?

Because this is Little Angel Beta's grave and it was empty. Someone stole her and Jessie knew who exactly they would be. Sleepy-Head's not the only one who's going to get schooled by the legend herself.

Here we go.


During Jessie's retirement, multiple witnesses of her sudden disappearance had a really bad past.

In her spare time, she was a dirty and scummy fighter and a huge show-off in the Underworld, being a showoff, crook, hypocrite, you name it. She was bad.

Jessie was managed to be contacted by a news reporter and denied them multiple times of what happened. After a few times, Jessie finally broke and explained what happened.

Most of her explanation was redacted but she claims that she didn't retire and go under due to the embarrassing loss against Sleepy-Head, they left because Paul came back.

She claimed Paul looked completely different. He was no longer scrawny and looked like a horror show. He threatened to reveal a secret about Little Angel unless she retired and he took over.

This secret was revealed but redacted. However, a clever set of hackers managed to leak this secret and it was not pretty. It was revealed that Little Angel actually (REDACTED) of (REDACTED), complete with (REDACTED), (REDACTED), (REDACTED), and etc.

Jessie had huge amounts of backlash and was called ''a disgusting (REDACTED) wannabe. Thank god, she left robot boxing.''

Charges against Jessie have been dropped to police thinking these rumors not been proved yet and people are simply attempting to get a reaction.

Jessie has since refused to come to robot boxing and refuses to tell us what has happened to her robot, Little Angel or what has happened to Paul. Some people claim to see her rarely in the Underworld but none of these have been proved yet.

Police have managed to recover a very newspaper, confirming that the (REDACTED) is true and confirmed, but is unknown Little Angel truly (REDACTED).

Let's just hope that the handler of our Little Angel isn't actually a Little Devil.


  • If it wasn't obvious, the Wildfired Wired-Gauntlets are salvaged from Noisy Boy, who had been thrown in a junkyard prior to Real Steel: FF
  • Little Angel was created by a robot I made in Real Steel: Champions. An entire legendary Drago with electricity and black and dark-red paint.
  • Little Angel Beta and Little Angel Alpha resemble radiation rays, which the 3rd being Gamma.
  • Little Angel Beta was salvaged into another robot, who is upcoming.
  • Her winnings are unknown due to lack of being documented. In other words, Jessie didn't write it down during Little Angel Beta's era.
  • Originally, the part that got destroyed by ''A'' was Little Angel Beta's '''mainframe board'' but was changed to ''circuit board'' to avoid confusion. If wondering, I considered the mainframe board some sort of a memory card to memorize moves and strategies. It is located in the back of the robot's head.
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