Name: Lightmare

Nickname: the middle bot

Announcer quote: where there’s darkness, there’s light, but where there’s neither? This guy is there!

Robot type: maurauder

Generation: unknown power: unknown

Critical: unknown

Health: 1999

Move set: unknown
File:Loghtmare 2 .png

Made in USA


Intro: Aztec

) Finisher: ambush

Win: noisy boy

Special: Excalibur strike (Camelot)


Odius Odax, after spending his childhood watching WRB fights, spent time and effort collecting scrap robot parts and eventually constructed a weak robot using the head arms and legs of pinhead and gunny’s torso. After training the robot he started fighting minor fights in the underworld. After beating voodoo, freezer, enforcer, and a noisyboy clone, defeated the once unstoppable Midas. After this he slowly upgraded the parts of his bot until he was WRB material. He now makes a living off the undercard, and keeping himself mysterious, as he is working up a scheme.

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