Vital statistics
Title The Shielded Striker
Generation 2
Bot Type Mighty Glacier
Status Offline (retired)

Name: Legion

Title/Nickname: The Shielded Striker

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Mighty Glacier

Armor: 82/100

Power: 32/100

Special: 20/100

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Origin: Greece

Weight: 1225 lbs

Height: 7'2"

Special Feature: Underarm Shielding

Signature Moves: All Roads Lead to Pain, Trojan Feint, Shield Box, The Might of Sparta

Opening Line: "It's the shielded striker from the roman empire, Legion!"

Special Move Descriptions

All Roads Lead to Pain: Right jab, left cross, left backhand return, right uppercut, jump and smash opponent with both hands.

Trojan Feint: Left roundhouse(feint), right backhand forward, left roundhouse.

Shield Box: Raises underarm shields, double backhand down forward, double uppercut return, left backhand to the left and right backhand to the right simultaneously, nuke-fist. (Beheader)

The Might of Sparta: Left jab, right jab, left jab, right jab, left spin-kick, right roundhouse. (can be paired with Trojan Feint to make a deadly combo, often called The Mythical Masher)


Legion is a very well armoured bot with deadly moves that can KO most opponents. His underarm shields not only discourage attacks, but also add to his attack with their razor-sharp facing edge that cuts into the opponent's armor. He has a stabiliser unit on the left side of his head and a reciever on the other. His back is his weak spot though, with only medium armor. His feet both have rebalancers that can help him steady himself when taking hits from opponents with shock absorbers and pistons that balance him, keeping him on his feet. His head resembles that of a roman centurion and his red paint job strikes fear into the enemy's heart. His power core is situated in his chest but a secondary core exists in his back, so he won't KO from core damage easily.


Legion was created in mid-2010 by HarmOnium, the Greek bot manufacturer owned by The Fleet Mechanics. The Fleet consisted of Dale Collin, Vanessa Argon, Harold Arc and Fotius Cokes, Greek boxer. Legion was a custom bot made for Fotius to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their partnership. Legion began in the Underworld and earned a place in the WRB in early 2011 when he won an exhibition match against Shogun. Legion continued to defeat many bots and ended up fourth in the WRB, behind Bio War, Noisy Boy and Rubicon. However, after Noisy Boy retired in the middle of that year, Legion automatically rose to third in the table and fame, rising again to second after Prometheus defeated Rubicon in 2012. Legion was the the first bot to defeat Prometheus, in a decisive three rounds. Then, in 2013, Legion was crushed by Prometheus during their rematch. Legion never fully recovered from that match and Prometheus became the WRB champion for a short amount of time before he lost to Shogun's sweep kicks. Shogun was then scrapped along with Zeus when he rose to WRB champion in one week. Legion was fixed up and shipped back to Greece with 3 years of WRB experience under his belt where he was displayed in HarmOnium's showroom/museum as their most succesful bot. 

Fight Record (2010--2013)

Debut: Legion(winner) vs Argus

Legion vs Carver(winner) 

Legion(winner) vs Ambush

Legion(winner) vs Aquabot

Legion(winner) vs Bluebot

Legion(winner) vs Shogun

Legion(winner) vs Midas

Legion vs Noisy Boy(winner)

Legion vs Metro(winner)

Legion(winner) vs Midas

Legion(winner) vs Argus

Legion(winner) vs Hollowjack

Legion(winner) vs Metro

Legion vs Bio War(winner)

Legion(winner) vs Gambit

Legion(winner) vs Carver

Legion vs Rubicon(winner)

Legion(winner) vs Shogun

Legion(winner) vs Prometheus

Legion(winner) vs Bio War

Legion(winner) vs Gambit

Legion vs Bio War(winner)

Legion(winner) vs Bluebot

Legion(winner) vs Aquabot

Legion vs Prometheus(winner)

Legion vs Zeus (cancelled)


P.S. Legion is not online anymore, so don't ask to fight him, because he can't.

Carver and Argus coming soon!

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