Leaf is the new bot in the ring. She is one of the attempts at making more eco-ethical bots, and one of Jaime's first original robots

POWER: 67/100 (X2 in lotus mode, X3 in Wilderness mode)

ARMOUR: 64/100 (X3 in Wilderness mode)

SPEED: 100/100

SPECIAL 38/100

OVERALL 269/500

Fighting style

Leaf's Fighting style constantly changes, as with her fashion sense. There is so much that we at Global Mech need to keep expanding this from multiple users.

(Currently allowed users: TLO, Darksage, TRSF, Ambus no.1 fan


Leaf's move change a lot, or rather their usage, and are constantly being upgraded, or a new one is added. (I get out of ideas quick, so ambush and TLO can help

Lotus bomb

Leaf uses her speed to get around, behind the enemy, and performs a big straight to the back of the head. This deals trauma to the mother board, making the enemy stagger. Leaf again uses her speed to uppercut her opponent in the head, sending them into the air. After juggling the opponent with a few more uppercuts, she jumps onto of the enemy and slams a bomb into the enemy's stomach, causing extreme wire and armour damage.

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