Name: Lancelot 'Lance' Reynolds

Born in: US

Currently Lives in: US

Age: 22

Born in: December 26th, 2003

Primary Bot: Shredder

All Bots: Shredder, Primal, Krios, Kronos, War Path, Gunslinger, Medvial

Hobbies: Wrecking Sparring bots, Robot Boxing, Sports

Likes: Robot Boxing, Engineering, GTA V

Dislikes: Brutal Barista

Main Transportation: Modified Peterbuilt 459(Optimus!) for carrying bots,Declasse Bison(as of GTA V), Stinger(as of GTA III), Dinka Jester(as of GTA V), EBot Maverick(as of GTA V), EBot Gulfstream G5, and private Cuban 800(as of GTA V)

Sub-Transportation: EBot delivery Mule for deliveries(as of GTA V), EBot Frogger(as of GTA V), Scrappy-1( a dune buggy made from scraps), Patriot(as of GTA III)

Preferred Security Blanket: Sig Sauer 9mm, Glock 19, S.P.A.Z-12 Hi-Powered Shotgun(Reserved for trolls and vandalizers), T.A.Z.E-X11(Non-Lethal, personal defence weapon in W.R.B)

Social Connections

Friends: John Maxwell, Raf Kent, Mark Hedhon, Shane Brasse, Kurk Kizami, Jason Grefiti, etc.

Mentors: Lawford Reagans (WRB)/ Folton ' Sinker' Smith(UW)

GF: Susane KIm

Fleo Korper: Fight Scheduler

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