Name: Kruzer

Title/Nickname: Sharper Than A Razor, The Speed Of Lightning

Generation: 4

Bot Type: Jack Of All Stats, Lightning Bruiser (Overkill Mode)

Handler: Pyronite

Status: Online


Stats :

Armor: 80/100 (Max in Overkill)

Power: 92/100 (Max in Overkill)

Intelligence: 95/100 (Max in Overkill)

Speed: 92/100 (Max in Overkill)

Special: 94/100 (Max in Overkill)

Strength: 93/100 (Max in Overkill)

Special Moves: Obliteration, Flash Cannon, Ultra Smackdown, The Power of the Blade (Special), Razor Ripper, Metal Swap, 2-2-2-4-2-2-2 Ultra.

Finisher: Metal Overkill


Origin: Asia (Country: Unknown)

Announcing Line: Sharper than a Razor, As fast as lightning, With two heads, I bring to you, Kruzer !!

Features: Metal Swap , Dual Heads, Dual fuel, Sharp Pop Out Blades.

Metals: Steel, Iron, Carbon Fiber.


Kruzer is only a G4 bot as he is one of the only bots to have or use Carbon Fiber. Since Pyronite is a fan of Noisy Boy, he wanted to add some reference to moves and combos, etc..His abilities are as follows : Metal Swap (Switches the Metal Armour), Dual Heads ( Double the senses and harder heads. Does not get affected by metal swap.), Dual fuel ( two sources of energy, one electric and another device which uses something like Bluetooth.), Sharp Pop Out Blades (just as the name states).Now, on to Overkill mode. This (again) pushes Kruzer into maximum performance while not draining the power core. It is kinda overkill (xD). Now on to the moves. Obliteration uses a tremendous amount of energy. He starts off with Noisy Boy's Wakazashi Hook, slowly turning into Brainstorm. Flash Cannon is where Kruzer's speed comes into play. He stuns the opponent using a huge right, then moving to a combo of punches to the chest, ending with a Southpaw Pain Revolution. at very quick speeds. Ultra Smackdown is where Kruzer gives a literal smackdown. He starts with a huge right uppercut, then on to a jab coming up to down, only to smack the opponent on the head, putting him down. He then, after the opponent gets up, gives a series of right crosses, ending only with a huge uppercut. The Power Of The Blade is the special of Kruzer. He gives the opponent a lot of jabs to the core, damaging it, slowing down the bot. He then comes to a huge right, stunning the opponent, then ending with Atom's uppercut. Razor Ripper scrape the arms (sides of the bot). Metal Swap switches the metal, as the name states. 2-2-2-4-2-2-2 as in the combo of punches. So he totally does 16 punches in 30 seconds. Metal Overkill basically combines all the Rip-Offs, sending the bot in parts.

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