Name: Krios


Bot Type: Demolisher


Generation: 3

Hanadler: Lance Reynolds

Nickname: The Lord of The Match

Stats: Power 98/100 Durability 100/100 Speed 65/100 Stamina 86/100 TBR 89/100

Opening Line: Retrofitted and Ready..... Its the bot of the match!!!! Cheer for the epic.... KRIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special Moves: Time for Carnage, The Epic Smackdown


  • Krios had a twin, Kronos who was destroyed by Shredder the night Lance won Krios.

    Krios wins again!

  • He is a WRB boxer.
  • He is very durable, but also light, so he is prone to be thrown out of the ring.
  • His head is the same to Prisma's head.


  1. Facial Protection Cage
  2. Horns and new paint job
  3. Changed Weight Distribution
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