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Koutetsu "Graffiti Grappler"

NAME: Koutetsu, "Graffiti Grappler", "Primed Prototype"


BOT TYPE: Lightning Demolisher Lvl 3

Information and Background

Koutetsu is a custom robot. He was once a proto-type of Noisy Boy, who was then auctioned off when Tak Mashido finished with the devolopment of the current and finished Noisy Boy. He was then polished up, upgraded with the newest tech, and was given the design which makes him known as the 'Graffiti Grappler' He also fought Antares! His signature move is seriously damaging! It is Samurai Side Kick Bash


Koutetsu resembles Noisy Boy in many ways, such as head sculpt and build. His shoulder spikes are larger and he is white in color instead of purple. The yellow Japanese writing is replaced by henna, looking like graffiti.



Strength: 88/100

Speed: 75/100

Intelligence: 95/100

Special Moves: 87/100: Wazikashi Straight, Southpaw Pain Revolution, Meteor Strike, Rolling Uppercut

Made In: Japan

Specialties: Jab-Barrages, Endurance, 2nd Tak Mashido Prototype

Current Handler: Minhotaur2K

Creator: Tak Mashido

Fighting Style

Koutetsu Squarin' Off w/ Metro

Koutetsu is a Jab-And-Block robot. He gets into his opponents faces with a jab barrage, giving them no room to move around. He blocks until he sees an oppening in his opponents defense and jab barrages them. Repeat the cycle and you'll win 85% of the time.


  • He is the first successful Tak Mashido prototype, second overall.
  • His name "Koutetsu" in Japanese means "Steel" or "Steel Plating/Armor"
  • He has battled in the WRB, but prefers the underworld
  • His main robot rival is Vespula