Kong Tron
Kong Tron
GRAWWWRRR!! I am king of jungle!!!
Vital statistics
Title the brutal basher
Generation 2 or 3
Bot Type Demolisher
Status Working

Name: Kong Tron

Generation: Unspecified (Presumably 3)

Bot Type: Demolisher Lv.1

Ranking: U:1:3


Kong Tron is a big brute from the Real Steel game. He has huge fists, and he has lots of deadly attacks. He is the only robot in Underworld Stage One that has an unblockable attack where he stomps on the ground and then runs across the ring into his opponent with his arms spinning forward. He’s a strength-based fighter who makes full use of his beefy fists. His external coating is a lot less protective than it seems. It’s common knowledge around the Underworld circle that the owner, a former body builder, pounded out the steel himself to make his ‘bot look tougher than he really is.

Real Steel game

Kong Tron is third place on the Underworld Stage One leaderboard unless your robot beats him, in which case he is number four. He is a big, durable, powerful robot. If your bot is the same size as him,  just give him the fistfight he wants. If your bot is smaller, bob and weave. If your bot is bigger,  just smash him up.


Kong Tron is made to look like a gorilla. He is mostly a dark brown, but some parts of him, such as his feet, face, thumb and thigh panels are a dark gold/lighter brown. Kong Tron has a Stock Head, Plated Arms, and Big Ol' Gloves, berserker body.


Strength: 30/100

Speed: 34/100

Intelligence: 21/100

Special Moves: 4/100

Specialties: None

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 802
Height 7´7¨
Weight 1105 lbs
Core HP 1880
Power Charge 1465
Total Attack 2068
Total Defense 2098
Resilience 4
Damage Recovery 3
Power Recovery 5
Average Punch Speed 2
Mobility 3
Movement speed



  • His name is a combination/parody of King Kong, and "Tron", a suffix usually attached to robot names.
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