Konerik is Oil path (Upcoming bot!)'s Successor, and one of the Elder Champions. He is one of the faster bots and was made in Russia.

Here are Konerik's stats

SPEED: 94/100 (X2 in Elder champion power mode, X3 in Unpredictable mode)

ARMOUR: 85/100 (X2 in Elder champion power mode)

POWER: 86/100 (X2 in Elder champion power mode)

INTELLIGENCE: 89/100 (X2 in Elder champion power mode)

SPECIAL: 79/100 (X2 in Elder champion power mode)

OVERALL: 433/500 (X2 in Elder champion power mode

Mainframe: Hy-p Runner frame

Power core: Puma-7 Sigma Charger


Speed smash: Konerik rushes under the enemy bot and punches behind them. When the opponent tries to attack, Konerik ducks or jumps. After hitting 6 times, He pushes the enemy bot and slams his fists on the enemy's head

Unpredictable: Gyroscopics and balance are reduced, but speed is raised X3. This makes it harder for him to be hit. This makes him fall over often though.

What's the rush?: Konerik waits for the opponent to charge at him, Then rolls and does a right straight on the enemy's chest. Konerik (I love saying that name) then punches at multiple angles while dodging the enemy's attacks. After he tires the opponent, he kicks the enemy in the head.

Elder champion power mode: The power of the old ones ignites in Konerik, making him twice as speedy, twice as powerful, twice as smart. Basically he can demolish slower bots.

Where is thy sting?: Konerik transforms his hand into a electrified sword and swings it around. After gaining the required momentum, he lowers the sword and charges to the opponent. He carries the momentum by always moving, creating more damage with each swing. Finally, Konerik pulls back the sword and thrusts it into the enemy's head.

Cheers love, your dead!: Konerik hits the head of the opponent rapidly, then rolls to the side a does a heavy strike. Konerik then kicks the enemy with his knee and dodges to the back of the enemy, striking heavy blows. Konerik then jumps and lands on the enemy's head, proceeding to spin his legs until the enemy's head is off.


Zeus was critically damaged. His systems were failing, and he was loosing power fast. In one last effort to destroy his challenger, Konerik, Zeus hooked Konerik with his omega fists, trying to knock him down. Konerik was still standing but looked too damaged to even work.

The fighters stepped back and charged at eachother. Fists raised, they went in for the final blow. Whoever hit first would win the title...

Chapter 1: Came from somewhere.

Janise hammered on the anvil. A final piece of a robot was red hot, shaped by Mjorlin (that's what Janise's hammer is called, what do you think I meant?)

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