Theme Song:


Armor: 79/100

Speed: 52/100

Power: 89/100

Intelligence: 26/100

Special: 65/100

Overall: 311/500


KnuckleDuster, like Ambush, is a die-hard Underworld fighter. He got his nickname, Knuckles From Sahara, due to his very hot punches (just like the Sahara!) that are produced by the core system in Knuckle. He was manufactured in Morocco, a place located in the Sahara, which would have been another factor in deciding his nickname. Because he is a Generation 2 robot, the controller simply controls the robot's defense and offense combos (not on a voice command system), which explains the lack of intelligence in Knuckle (it's all up to the controller).


The core used for KnuckleDuster is a cheap, homebuilt motherboard system that heats up quite a lot when under pressure. Originally the designer (Mycho Bagnas) thought that the heat produced by the core would be a problem, but he soon recognized that he could transfer the hot energy to other body parts, such as the fists. Mycho thought of it as a good idea and incorporated that system into KnuckleDuster. Now you know why Knuckle is the robot patriot of the Sahara.


Here is a list of his fights.

KnuckleDuster VS Redbot (WIN by K.O)

KnuckleDuster VS Scrapbot (WIN by A.K.O)

KnuckleDuster VS Six Shooter (WIN by K.O)

KnuckleDuster VS Toolbox (WIN by K.O)

KnuckleDuster VS Metro (WIN by A.K.O)

KnuckleDuster VS Blacktop (WIN by K.O)

KnuckleDuster VS Midas (LOSS by K.O

Total Record: 6 wins - 1 loss

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