Blac Jac


Note:I know I used Blac Jac’s photo, I couldn’t find a better one

Another note: though the story isn’t finished, he is open for fight

“The Gambling Poker bot, Always the best bet, KING OF SPADES”

Entrance: (Spinning arms, then pumping up hands, doing a couple punches, and finally getting in ready stance.)

Height:7 foot 2 inches Weight:1250 lbs








Bot Type:Hyrbrid (Fragile Speedster, Glass Cannon)

Owner:Ronan Xavier


Special Moves:Dealing Out: (Kicking enemy into a corner then putting spinning arms on enemy’s head and spinning them) Royal Flush: (Lowercuts enemy 3 times, hooks and backhands with the same hand, then double uppercutting) Jackpot: (Hooks and backhands, then kicks enemies leg joint so they lean down, then shoves hands into the enemies neck joints and spins them)

Special Features:Heat Proof Armor

Ruby, Reinforced by Titantium Joints, making his arms and legs unable to be ripped off.

Ability: Magentic Tag (See Tackle fight)

Story:Ronan needed someone to help with Anaconda’s sparring, because *RustedWild wasn’t cutting it. So he found The X Team and his good freind Evan Maynord, and they set to work. King of Spades was the result, but he wasn’t good enough. King of Spades ended up being good, but not enough to challenge Anaconda. They set to work again, and the result was impressive. They gilded em to show that he wasn’t the same bot. He decided he would fight his own robot to test em out, RustedWild. He set ol’ Rusty on Pro, and prepared to fight. RustedWild advanced first, going in for the punch. Wild was similar to Gambit in some ways, same speed, a lot more armor, but less power. KoS ducked under and got behind em, then unleashed Royal Flush, and knocked his head off. Good thing Rusty was a easy fix. Next he went to Crash Palace, always a reliable arena for a test fight. He challenged Aquabot, betting 3k. Ding Ding! Aquabot advanced on him, but KoS met him with a uppercut, knocking his head clean off. Easy win. The crowd parted in awe as they walked out of the arena, not a scratch on The King.The next day Ronan made minor upgrades on agility and speed. He challenged Fat Boy, seeing if his bot could take on a Stone Wall like that bucket o’ grease. Betting 6k, they started the match. Ding ding! Fat Boy put his hands up and advances toward Spades, but was met by a kick. Spades kicked Fat Boy into the corner, then using Dealing Out. Fat Boy’s face was ripped up, and easy pickings. King of Spades jabbed, sending Fat Boy’s head off, and making him the Victor. Two fights, two wins. Things were looking good. The next day he faced off against Gambit, betting 4K. Spades was prepared, having fought RustedWild. He went in guns blazing, and used Jackpot. Then he kicked Gambit back. Gambit had tons of damage to the neck joint. Gambit put his hands up to block, but Spades used one hand to knock the block away, and the other the throw a right hook, knocking Gambit’s head off. Artie took interest, and asked Ronan as he walked out of the Palace, “Ya wanna Have a go at Midas? I’ll give you 10k if ya win” “Gladly” I Said, Smiling. “Tommorrow then” Said Artie. I walked out confidently. The next day, I was ready to rumble. I saw a couple good bot fights while waiting for the main event, such as Ambush and Bio War, Bio War winning, and Danger Zone and Bluebot, With Danger Zone Winning. Then it was my turn. Ding ding! Midas advanced on The King, but I was ready. Spades jumped back, dodging the first uppercut, then jumping up and foward, punching Midas down. Midas got up fast though, and lowercutted Spades, and King stumbled back. Midas advanced, forcing Spades into a corner and he served up some De-cappuccino on The King. About 6 punches later, Spades spun his way out of the corner, then kicked Midas into the corner, and used Dealing Out. Midas’s face was fried, showing more wire than metal. Midas was steaming, not used to a beating like that, having been the king of the Palace. Spades walked back, and taunted Midas, doing a cutthroat motion, then jumping and spin Kicking Midas, knocking his head off. Midas’s head was put up on the wall, along with Fat Boy’s, Aquabot’s, and Gambit’s, as Ronan proudly walked by the section. Metro and the Zoo took notice, and Six Shooter challenged him to a fight over 5k, and Ronan accepted. But Spades had took more damage than he had expected, so he set the fight to a week later. In that week, he repaired, and upgraded his armor and agility. After the week, he was ready to take on SS. Ding ding!

The Fight began. SS advanced and threw a one two at him, but KoS dodged, and got behind him. As SS turned, he was met by a double uppercut to the face. SS stumbled back, unsure of what to do, so he just put his hands up to block, as Spades pounded at him with a mixture of one twos and kicks. SS actually managed to block and counter with a hook, then a backhand, then he kneed KoS in the face, and The King fell back. Six Shooter did that one two arm pump, but when he looked down again, Spades was gone, and he turned around, and was met by Jackpot. Spades did a Chest Slam (Ambush) and SS layer motionless on the ground. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7..8...9...10! Spades won, but with more damage than Ronan had hoped. He knew Spades had bad armor, as he had sacrificed protection for speed and agility, but this wasn’t gonna work. A big hit from Metro’s mallet and Spades would be down for the count. Before his next fight, he made major upgrades on his armor, while losing some speed and agility, but it was a decent mix. The next fight was with NoJoke, for 7k, and honestly Ronan was a little worried. He hadn’t had time to test the upgrades yet, and NoJoke could be decently formidable. Ding ding! NoJoke runs at The King with a hop in his step. NoJoke went in with a heavy lower jab, but Spades jumped sideways, and got behind NoJoke, Kicking him into the corner of the ring. He Used Dealing Out and did heavy damage to NoJoke. NoJoke, using the corner as a boost, double kicks Spades down, then jumps on KoS and punches him in the face 6 times. After that, he jumped on him 3 times. KoS rolled back, but with heavy damage. Ronan knew he couldn’t take much more of this. He tried to end it quickly, by dodging 3 of NoJoke’s punches, then using Jackpot. NoJoke’s head was damaged real bad now. NoJoke went in for a heavy right hook, his fatal mistake. Spades dodges by jumping back, then spinning around and knocking his head off. Nojoke lost, but Spades had suffered heavy damage. Ronan decided, if he was gonna fight Metro, he was gonna annoy The Frankenbot to death. Ronan removed the extra armor, and put extra lightweight armor on. His speed was much higher now, but his armor was at a all time low. Ronan didn’t care. He was thinking that it was enough to beat Metro. He went to the Zoo, and offered 15 grand to fight Metro. He had made enough money to be able to bounce back if he lost, so he was fine with a higher wager. Of course, the fight would take place in 2 weeks, cause KoS wasn’t gonna be ready to fight any time soon. After two weeks, It was on. Ding ding! Metro walked to the center, as did Spades. Ronan wanted to end this quick, as he knew KoS wasn’t gonna last long. He used Royal Flush, knocking Metro down. Metro got up slowly, and Spades backed away. Metro lumbered toward him, and every step he seemed to be in pain, like a man on crutches with a broken leg. Spades knew he probaly should advance while the enemy was wounded, but Metro was VERY intimidating. Metro was getting closer, and Ronan got a idea. Spades kicked Metro in the leg joint, then jumped up while Metro was low, and got on top of Metro. Then he slammed both arms down on Metro‘s power core, and spun them. Metro was trying to get Spades off, with no luck. Metro’s core begain to break. Spades kept spinning. Metro, though, had just thought of something. He used his mallet and swung up, knocking The King off, and Spades fell into the dirt, HUGE damage on face, almost all of it gone. Metro fell down, due to the damage on the power core, but KoS had took more damage than even him. After 2 weeks, The King was in fighting condition, and was ready for Tackle. To Ronan, Tackle was kinda the bridge ogre between underworld and WRB. WRB often had agents watching Tackle’s fights, and they knew Ronan’s rep, having once made a bot that eventually took down Zeus. After matters of buisness were done (Ronan was betting 12k) the fight was on. Ding ding! Tackle out his hands up and advanced, but Spades did something odd. Spades rolled up like a log in a barrel roll, and just sat there. The count started, 1...2....3....4...5...6...7. At seven, The King rolled towards Tackle, Tackle not noticing.Tackle’s owner looked just in Time and Tackle jumped, but was met by a kick, where you least want it, as Spades rolled back. King got up at nine, just missing his KO. Tackle looked over, barely damaged, more confused than mad. What was his plan. Then Tackle looked down. Spades had placed a tag on Tackle’s pwer core, a magnetic one. But, nothing happened. Tackle was uneffected by the tag. So he ignored it and attacked. Spades ducked under Tackle’s jab, and landed a lowercut on Tackle. Tackle shifted back, and decided to dodge and wait for a openin. Spades advance, and went in with Jackpot. But strangel, every attack hit where the tag had been planted, on Tackle’s power core. That was it! Tackle had figured it out too late though. The tag only effected Spades. It was used so The King’s attacks... Never missed that spot, as long as they were in the radius of the attacks, about a 5 foot by 5 foot square. Tackle surrenderd, knowing that if Tackle attempted a attack, their was a high chance if Spades dodged, He would mount a quick and deadly counter attack on Tackle, one that Tackle couldn’t survive. He handed Ronan the 12k and congratulated him. After the match, one of the people in the crowd turned out to be Emil Lindpaitner, owner of Gridlock. He challegened KoS for 25k at the next big RS fighting night, which was Thursday. Ronan accepted, a little nervous, but excited too. Of course, today was Monday, and there was work to be done. On Thursday, he walked up to a big RS arena, on em he’d been too before, while fighting with Anaconda. Of course, this bot was different. He saw two matches, one was another Zeus domination, Zeus wrecking the poor bot Abandon. Another was a actual decent match, Twin Cities v Camelot, with a upset victory for Camelot. Then it was my turn. Ding ding! Gridlock advanced on Spades, hoping to end it quick. The King wasn’t about to loose his first bot fight in WRB. He weaved past a hook, then another, and finally getting behind Grid. As Grid turned, he was met by a kick to the chest, sending him into a corner, then Spades used Dealing out, doing heavy damage. Gridlock‘s face was all messed up, and Spades did a cutthroat motion, then double upper cutted, sending Grid’s head off. Ronan received the 25km and walked out, as reporters flocked, asking questions like: “Will this bot have a chance to defeat Zeus?” And “Is this bot better than Anaconda?” And “Anaconda is the champion, how will it work if it’s a fight between this bot and Anaconda?”

Ima leave the story there, i got other things to do besides this, so sorry if anyone wanted to read this article, I’m scrapping it.

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