"Let's get it on like ping pong in Hong Kong!"
King Pin

King Pin assuming he's defeating Atom

King Pin is the silver-toothed handler of Metro. Metro was doing very well in the fight against Atom until Atom unleashed a double uppercut to the jaw which damaged Metro, and he started crushing his own head with his sledgehammer hand.


After Max dragged Atom out from the Junkyard, he forced Charlie Kenton (His father) to get him a fight, so they went to The Zoo with Atom, and they ran into King Pin, who was willing to pay Max $100 just to battle Metro, even if he loses. Max talked him into paying $1,000 if Atom survives the first round. After Atom takes a major beating from Metro after the first round because of Metro's foot clamp ability, Max and King Pin agree to a double or nothing if Atom defeats Metro in the second round. Atom dodges Metro's foot clamp ability, confusing Metro, and then with a double uppercut to the head, Metro malfunctions and starts smashing his own head and falls over and explodes and starts smoking, after which King Pin screams with rage before paying Max $2,000 and losing his custom built bot.


  • King Pin is played by John Gatins who in turn is the screenplay writer.
  • The reflection on his silver teeth gives the illusion of having one big tooth in the front of his mouth, a common trait for stupid cartoon characters.
  • He is constantly spitting.
  • He is the owner of Metro but was destroyed after the battle against Atom.
  • He is one of 2 bots or humans that has a mohawk, Midas being the first.
  • In the WRB game, his mohawk is shorter and has a red color.
  • His controller has similarities to a video gamer controller
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