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Keiichi Akamine

Keiichi Akamine (Key-chi A-ka-mi-ne) is a young boy who has quite a talent such as inventing new tech. He also mastered four (4) kinds of Martial Arts in High School and can operate any machines after analyzing it for a short time.


Keiichi is a cool-looking boy who usually wears a red wristband on his right hand. He usually wears a polo shirt(mostly color dark blue) with long pants and gray shoes and a red headphone.

Physical Attributes:

Hair color: Red

Skin Color: White

Eye color: Light Brown

Height: 5'5"

Weight: Unknown


Keiichi is a cold boy that never opens up to anyone. But after he met his childhood friend Yuuko, he was cold at first but he slowly opens up to her. Despite his cold attitude, he is somehow a caring and protective boy(especially to Yuuko and his Family) as he defends Yuuko from the group who bullies her, beating them so badly with his Martial Arts skills. He also shows an affection towards Yuuko.


Age: 17

Race: Japanese

Country: Tokyo Japan.

Hobby: Martial Arts, Training, Watching Anime/Movies, Playing Video Games

Robot: Thanatos

Team: Global Mech

Motto"Might isn't always right"


Yuuko Sakurai

Yuuko is Keiichi's childhood friend which eventually became bestfriends ever since meeting again after 3 years. In fact, they became so close as Yuuko would sleep with him every night and go out with him. As this develops, they started to like each other but cannot confess to one another due to shyness.

Shiori Akamine

Shiori is Keiichi's big sister. She looks after Keiichi since his birth. Since both of their parents work in Canada, Shiori is currently the one taking care and looking after her little brother and as a result, they became closer and closer to each other. She is also very sweet to his little brother as they never fight with each other even though she keeps on making fun of Keiichi so much and also wants to play video games with him.

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