So, what is this?

This vehicle was a lottery prize given to Kakashi during his time at the WRB Morocco exhibition. At first it was only a normal Nissan 350z, but he modified it to be a four-wheel drive lit car that was fun to drive. Kakashi uses this car when he delivers small robot parts, goes to WRB matches, drives over to Global Mech HQ and so on.

Horsepower: 510

Torque: 521

Parts And Mods

Impulse Drivetrain

Custom Engine
Nmgb 138 03

started from this...

Impulse Tires

Custom Supercharger

Tsuchiya Drift Calipers

Tsuchiya Drift Suspension

Videoxx TV

Videoxx Console

Videoxx MP3
Nissan 350z

and ended with this. Sick, right?

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