Königgrätzer is a bot made in Prussia, designed in a flamboyant blue manner. He is designed after the idea of the invincible prussian army, and measures a total of 8'3. He is a known fighter in the WRB, and made his name in a fight with Blac Jac.


Armor: 68/100

Power: 87:100

Speed: 99/100

Intelligence: 82/100

Height: 8'3

Weight: 1134 LBS


Königgrätzer is a Blue bot with a flamboyant design, resembling the invincible army of prussia. He is wearing a helm designed after the Pickelhaube, and his whole body resembles a uniform. He wears a musket around his back, although it appears it is just there for fashion reasons, as he apparently can't take it off his back. Notably is, that his punches are designed to have the sound of a shooting musket. He is designed quite slim, allowing him to move faster then most other bots.

Iconic Moves

Attack from behind: Königgrätzer will dodge a few attacks from his enemy, and move behind him in the blink of an eye. Once behind his opponent, he will punch him a few times and bring him to fall over.

Out of the ring: Könoggrätzer will start blocking most attacks, and then all out of a suden use a few plnned moves to make his opponent fall out of the ring.

Attack rush: Königgrätzer will observe his opponent until he find a blind spot. Once he finds one, he will unleash a rush of attacks on that specific spot until his opponent is defeated.

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