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Junkyard Scraps hosts many events, including some that are exclusive to here.

The following are the events and when they usually happen.

Note: If the Scrap Fighters and Scrap Builders tournaments are on the same day, the Scrap Builders tournament will be held.

I will personally man the events. The times are not fully accurate but I will try to make the events happen.

Monthly Events:

Scrap Run

Entry Fee Fee: $250

Time: 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Prize: Up to seven items

The Scrap Run is where contestants go in the junkyard and get parts. Up to seven parts can be taken. Happens on the first Monday every month.

Scrap Fighters

Entry Fee: $500

Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Prize: $1750 + one free item

The Scrap Fighters tournament happens on the second Sunday and third Friday every month. It is a tournament where participants fight each other with their robots. You fight as many fights as you can against other robots. If your robot gets destroyed, you can use scrap for free to fix your robot. WARNING: IF YOU USE PARTS TO UPGRADE YOUR ROBOT YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR UPGRADE + A $250 CHEATING FINE. The robot with the most wins at the end is the winner. The controller will earn $1750 prize money as well can take a free item home.

Scrap Builders

Entry Fee: $375

Time: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Prize: $2500 + built robot

The Scrap Build tournament happens on the second Sunday of February, May and August. Participants make a robot out of scrap in the junkyard and fight. You fight against other people in single elimination. The tournament starts with qualifying rounds and 24 people are accepted. The other 8 people are Wild Card Winners. The winner gets to keep their robot as well as earn $2500 in prize money. The robots destroyed are scrapped and put back in the junkyard.

Scrap Defenders

Entry Fee: $250

Time: 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Prize: $2500

The Scrap Defenders event happens on the third Wednesday every month. Participants are placed in teams on 10 and protect a mountain of scrap against Scrap Guardians, robots made of scrap that will try to steal from your scrap mountain. The team with the most scrap remaining earns $2500 prize money. Robots that are destroyed can be fixed with free scrap from the junkyard. WARNING: IF YOU USE PARTS TO UPGRADE YOUR ROBOT YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR UPGRADE + A $250 CHEATING FINE.

Core Rush

This minigame was thought of by a "friend" Subnauticatracer!

Entry Fee: $500

Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Prize: $3000 + 4 H-Cores

The Core Rush Minigame happens on the second Wednesday of every month. Participants are put in teams of four and control a total of four robots. The teams fight against an army of special robots, trying to get H-Cores, special cores that are placed in some robots that make them more powerful then others. A barrel is placed in the middle of the "Wasteland Arena", where the H-Cores are placed. When 60 H-Cores are placed in the barrel, the event becomes a slugfest (Thanks Subnauticatracer!). The team who harvested the most H-Cores gets to take four H-Cores as well as $3000.

Core Fighters

Entry Fee: $500

Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Prize: $1500 + 2 H-Cores

The Core Fighters Minigame is based on the Core Rush Minigame, but instead of fighting an army, it is a fight against each other. Each participant gets a H-Bot, a special robot with two H-Cores. Each robot is different, with different specialties. The robots fight each other, taking H-Cores when possible. If your H-Bot is destroyed and you have additional H-Cores left, you can use them to "revive" your robot. The person with the most H-Cores left gets $1500 prize money as well as 2 H-Cores.

More events coming soon.

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