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Junkyard Scraps-For all your robot needs!

This junkyard/store hybrid is the property of EpicdudeX123.


If you want to donate, buy or sell, please comment and I will try to respond when I can.

You can get what you buy repaired (Usually for an extra $25-50)

The owner of Junkyard Scraps is Johnny John Johnson /EpicdudeX123


This is what stats parts give.

Armor: + Armor

Arms: + Strength + Special

Legs: + Speed

Heads: + Intelligence

Fists: + Strength

Cores: + Special + Power

... and other things as well.

Under certain circumstances, you can get free stuff.

This is a fan made site. If you want to co-own, please comment and I will try to add you. You will start with a 15% share of all sales. I personally will take the rest of all sales. 10% is reserved for loans.

Members of Junkyard Scraps:

Owner: EpicdudeX123

Co-owners: TheLastOfficial (25% share) gamer149182 (20% share)


Employees: Hunterschwind

Event Specialists:

Special Robots

I will put special robots here.


Information: Hallowjack was trashed after its fight with Paradox/Shockwave/Destroyer. Has moderate damage everywhere.

Price: $4000 ($4750 for full repair)

Blac Jac

Information: Paradox/Shockwave/ DESTROYED Blac Jac. I found the scraps of him and brought him to my store. MAJOR damage everywhere.

Price: $4500 ($5500 for full repair)

Abandon's Cold-Fusion Frostcore

Information: After Abandon was defeated, it started to malfunction. It was scrapped by his owner. I found the Cold-Fusion Frostcore and took it. It is in pretty good shape and not damaged.

Price: $2050


Information: Nitro is a pretty good robot. He had a malfunction and was scrapped. The motherboard is missing but everything else is there. Minor scratches and dents but is in good shape.

Price: $3750 ($4250 for full repair with motherboard) ($4000 for full repair without motherboard)


Information: Touchdown was smashed apart. I took his remains, which have severe damage everywhere.

Price: $4000 ($4750 for full repair)


Information: Tackle was scrapped after it malfunctioned. Minor damage on him.

Price: $4250 ($4300 for full repair)

Twin Cities

Information: Twin Cities lost his motherboard and was scrapped. Moderate damage on him.

Price: $4500 ($5100 for full repair)

Defeated Robot Parts

Here are robot parts either found or from robots Johnny destroyed.

Aquabot's Head 

Information: Paradox threw an uppercut to Aquabot, decapitating him. There is minor damage on it other than some cracks.

Price: $250 ($275 for full repair)

Stats: +14 Intelligence

Bluebot's Head

Information: Bluebot was knocked out by Paradox when it was hit by a right hook and his head flew off. There is some damage on the right of the head and some more cracks.

Price: $250 ($300 for full repair)

Stats: +17 Intelligence

Metro's Hammer Fist

Information: Paradox broke Metro's hammer off and used it to smash his head. (For you movie fans ;) ) Shockwave utterly demolished Metro and was given Metro's Hammer Fist including his $500. There is minor damage other than a few scratches and cracks on the joint.

Price: $350 ($375 for full repair)

Stats: +68 Strength

Six Shooter's Head

Information: Paradox smashed Six Shooter's head apart. It is a bit flattened with a couple of scratches and cracks. The hat is still intact.

Price: $350 ($400 for full repair)

Stats: + 20 Intelligence

Blacktop's Chest Armor

Information: Paradox struck Blacktop in the chest and his armor flew off. Shockwave knocked off Blacktop's armor when he performed his Shocking Strike. The armor has a couple of dents and scratches but not much damage.

Price: $425 ($450 for full repair)

Stats: +25 Armor

Fat Boy's Armor

Information: Fat Boy was tipped and couldn't get up (Too fat lol) by Paradox. His owner decided to remove the armor so he could get up. (Do you even lift bro?) It is in perfect condition. However, IT IS HEAVY!!! (I broke my arm trying to put it in the shop lol (fake story))

Price: $575

Stats: +45 Armor - 57 Speed

Blockbuster's Arms (Two pairs)

Information: Paradox/Shockwave and Blockbuster punched at the same time, knocking the fist joints loose. Paradox/Shockwave knocked them off and Blockbuster's owner decided to concide the match, giving Blockbuster's fists to Paradox/Shockwave. There is minor damage besides the joint having cracks.

Price: $600 (One pair) $900 (Both pairs) (Repair is +$50 per fist)

Stats: +37 Strength +34 Special

Bio War's Fist

Information: Bio War tried to punch Paradox but ended up with a broken arm. Shockwave destroyed it in Overdrive. Some damage on the joint. The arm is still functioning.

Price: $600 ($650 for full repair)

Stats: + 31 Strength + 27 Special

Bio War's Backpack (Core)

Information: Bio War's Backpack was smashed after fighting Paradox/Shockwave. Moderate damage on the outside. The Core is still functioning. However, it operates at 37% efficiency now.

Price: $575 ($625 for full repair)

Stats: + 33 Special + 37 Power

Excavator's Head

Information: Excavator was hit by uppercuts. There is some damage and scratches.

Price: $575 ($600 for full repair)

Stats: +24 Intelligence

Steampunk's Armor Set

Information: Steampunk's armor was knocked off and scrapped. Minor damage and scratches.

Price: $975 ($1000 for full repair)


Here is some random scrap here. There is infinite of it so get as much as you need.

Sheet Metal

Information: Basic metal for construction. One sheet is enough for one arm, leg or head. Two sheets can make armor. Three sheets can make a torso.

Price: $25 per sheet

Robot Parts

Information: There are a few parts of robots I can spare. They are the most basic ones so you will need to upgrade them.

Price: $75 (one arm, leg or head) $125 (torso or armor)


Information: There are both Generation 2 remotes and Generation 3 headsets.

Price: $175 (G2) $200 (G3)

Limited Parts

There will be some parts here that are limited.


Cores power the robot. They can also increase your stats.

Hyperspeed Core x4

Information: This core will make your robot faster. However, you will have weak strength.

Price: $3750 per core

Stats: + 56 Speed - 36 Strength

Powerslam Core x6

Information: This core powers up your robot, increasing power and strength stats.

Price: $4650 per core

Stats: +54 Power + 34 Strength

Heavymetal Core x3

Information: This core increases your armor but makes you heavier.

Price: $3525 per core

Stats: +43 Armor - 34 Speed

Smartbot Core x4

Information: This core makes your robot gain intelligence.

Price: $4250

Stats: +32 Intelligence


Motherboards allow your robot to "think". They also can make your robot more adaptive.

A-1 Thinker x32

Information: A basic motherboard.

Price: $100 per board

Stats: +6 Intelligence

T-58 Sigma x3

Information: This motherboard creates simulated fights for your robot, allowing it to adapt to fights. Limited database.

Price: $350 per board

Stats: +27 Intelligence

S-42 Quantum x5

Information: A motherboard with attitude. Gives nice stats and features.

Price: $575 per board

Stats: +43 Intelligence + 36 Power


Pistons allow your robot to punch better.

Engine Pistons x24

Information: Basic pistons from vehicle engines. Break within 2-3 fights.

Price: $50 per piston

Flame Pistons x14

Information: These pistons can heat up, causing burn damage to your opponent.

Price: $150 per piston

Shock Pistons x8

Information: These pistons charge up with electricity, allowing you to short out your opponent.

Price: $200 per piston

Plasma Pistons x2

Information: The ultimate pistons. Powerful to knock a car over 500 feet.

Price: $500 per piston

Special Parts

Here are going to be parts that can give features and awesome power.

Shock Fists x2

Information: Fists that can shock your opponent with the cost of power being routed to the arms.

Price: $350 per fist

Strike Chip x3

Information: A chip that lets your robot sense attacks and counterattack.

Price: $450 per chip

Shadow Box x2

Information: Allows your robot to copy something. (Shadow Function)

Price: $500 per box

Weakness Sensor x4

Information: This sensor will find your opponent's weaknesses and your robot will target them.

Price: $475 per sensor

Unknown Item

Information: UNKNOWN

Price: To Be Announced

Move Programmer

You can program new moves for your robot.

Standard moves (S) cost $250 to program.

Premium moves (P) cost $350 to program.

Finishers (F) cost $500 to program.

Note: Unless is say so, moves are legal (at least from my knowledge)

Uppercut (S)

Information: A basic uppercut.

Jab (S)

Information: A basic jab.

Sideswipe (P)

Information: A power punch that strikes across the chest.

Nutshot (P)

Information: A nutshot. Does not cause extreme pain (unlike to humans lol)

Kick (S)


Information: A basic kick.

Rip-Off (F)

Information: The opponent is held in a headlock and the head is pulled off.

Rocket Punch (P)

Information: This is Bunker Buster's signature move. Link for Rocket Punch here.

Tyrant Blow (F)

Information: A powerful punch to stun, then a powerful uppercut that decapitates the opponent. Link for Tyrant Blow here.

Nuke Fist (P)

Information: This is Zeus' special move. Link right here for information: Nuke Fist

Wakizashi Straight (P)

Information: One of Noisy Boy's moves. Link right here for information: Wakizashi Straight

Headbutt (S)


Information: A basic headbutt.

Shogun Trinity (P)

Information: One of Noisy Boy's moves. Three successive hits to the face by the left arm. Link for Shogun Trinity here.

Super Hook (P)

Information: A hook where all the energy is concentrated on the fist. Link for Super Hook here.

Southpaw Pain Revolution (P)

Information: One of Noisy Boy's moves. The left fist spins, charging up for a punch at the opponent. Link for Southpaw Pain Revolution here.

Gravity Slam Uptown (P)

Information: One of Noisy Boy's moves. Two punches and an uppercut. Link for Gravity Slam Uptown here.

Heavy Uppercut (P)

Information: A powerful uppercut at the opponent's chest. Link for Heavy Uppercut here.

Meteor Strike (P)

Information: A duck then a jump into the air. The arm smashes down on the opponent's head. Link for Meteor Strike here.

Dark Strike (P)

Information: One of Paradox's specials. He charges his fists and punches the face, stunning the opponent.

Shocking Strike (P)

Information: One of Shockwave's specials. He electrifies his fists and punches, shocking the opponent.

Shockwave Slam (F)

Information: Shockwave's Finisher. He throws Shocking Strikes at the opponent and ends by slamming the opponent face-down, knocking the head off.

Knee Smash (P)


Information: The opponent is grabbed by the head and is smashed by the knee.

Core Swipe (F)

Information: The opponent's core is ripped out of its torso.

Face Slap (P)

Information: The opponent is slapped in the face. lol

Spin Punch (P)

Information: The opponent is hit by a punch that causes disorientation.

Casualty Smash (F)

Information: Fatality's Finisher. The opponent is grabbed and punched in the chest, smashing the opponent apart.

Deadly Strike (P)

Information: One of Fatality's specials. The opponent is hit by Fatality's arm, knocking the opponent to the ground.

Death Blow (P)

Information: One of Fatality's specials. He smashes the opponent in the face, knocking the opponent into the corner.


You can also create combos here.

Combos cost $275 to program.


Information: A punch from the left, a right hook and then an uppercut.

Shogun Trinity+ {move}

Information: Shogun Trinity followed by another move of your choice.

Heavy Barrage

Information: A charging uppercut followed by a series of hooks at the head. Link for Heavy Barrage here.

Temple Punch Combo

Information: A quick double-sided temple punch followed by three strong punches to the temple, knocking off the opponent's head. Link for Temple Punch Combo here.

Heavy Hook Combo

Information: Several hooks are aimed at the opponents's arm, knocking it off. Link for Heavy Hook Combo here.

Charlie Special

Information: One of Atom's moves. Three punches to the body followed by an uppercut. Link for Charlie Special here.

Rapid Strikes

Information: A bunch of punches all at once.

More moves will come when I have time.

You can also upgrade your moves.

Move upgrades cost $150.

Donation Pile

This place is where donated items go. I will place them in their categories when I have time.

Coming Soon

Building Sets

Below are some sets for you to build your robot. Each set contains two arms, legs, a torso, head and core.

Sets each cost $1500.

There are also upgraded sets that cost $3500.

Jack Set

Information: This set can make you a Jack.

Fragile Speedster Set

Information: This set can make you a Fragile Speedster.

Glass Cannon Set

Information: This set can make you a Glass Cannon.

Stone Wall Set

Information: This set can make you a Stone Wall.

Mighty Glacier Set

Information: This set can make you a Mighty Glacier.

Blitz Cannon Set

Information: This set can make you a Blitz Cannon.

Demon Wall Set

Information: This set can make you a Demon Wall.

Lightning Bruiser Set

Information: This set can make you a Lightning Bruiser.

Game Breaker Set

Information: This set can make you a Game Breaker.

Brawler Set

Information: This set can make you a Brawler.

Demolisher Set

Information: This set can make you a Demolisher.

Annihilator Set

Information: This set can make you a Annihilator.

Sparring Set

Information: This set can make you a Sparring Bot. Name it Atom if you want :)


You can loan here. If you take a loan please return it in two weeks. You will get a 5% interest.

Below are the following loans you can take.

$100 (return $105)

$500 (return $525)

$1000 (return $1050)

$5000 (return $5250)

$10000 (return $10500)

Fighting Arenas

Junkyard Scraps has custom arenas for both public and private use.

You can host fights, practice and more here.

You can also rent a sparring robot for an extra $75 per hour.

You can buy an arena for home use for $275 per arena.

Standard Arena

Information: Basically a circle surrounded by junk.

Price to rent: Free

Boxing Arena

Information: Basic boxing arena.

Price to rent: $25 per hour

Open Arena

Information: An arena without ropes.

Price to rent: $25 per hour

Trampoline Arena


Information: Fight on a bouncy trampoline.

Price to rent: $50 per hour

Octagon Arena

Information: An octagonal arena.

Price to rent: $50 per hour

Quicksand Arena

Information: Robots sink into the artificial sand. You sink, you lose. Comes with complementary crane to dig robots out.

Price to rent: $75 per hour

Freeze Arena

Information: An arena of frozen ice. Slippery and cold.

Price to rent: $75 per hour

Windy Arena

Information: An arena with huge fans that blow into the arena, creating a hard to fight place.

Price to rent: $75 per hour

Electric Ring

Information: A round arena charged with electricity. Can short out your robot.

More arenas will come out when I think of more.


You can repair your broken robot here.

Repair prices will depend on your robot's upgrade level.

There are five levels of damage:

Minor: Minor damage like small scratches and dents.

Price: $375 (Starter) $650 (Basic) $865 (Advanced) $1025 (Professional) $1645 (Ultimate)

Moderate: Damage that has some impact on your robot, but not much.

Price: $1150 (Starter) $1865 (Advanced) $2350 (Professional) $3750 (Ultimate)

Major: Pieces of your robot are off.

Price: $1750 (Starter) $2350 (Advanced) $2980 (Professional) $3970 (Ultimate)

Extreme: Most of your robot is in pieces.

Price: $2500 (Starter) $3790 (Advanced) $4275 (Professional) $5125 (Ultimate)

Destroyed: Your robot is basically a pile of scrap.

Price: Either get a new robot or get more parts to fix it.


You can upgrade your robot here.

There are five tiers of upgrades.

Basic: A starter upgrade that helps your robot a little, but not by much.

Price: $1500

Advanced: Your robot is more powerful than normal.

Price: $2750

Professional: The upgrade makes opponents become scrap.

Price: $6750

Super: A upgrade that makes your robot very lethal.

Price: $9500

Ultimate: The most powerful robots are upgraded to this level.

Price: $175000 (Unless you are a millionaire, you probably can't afford this.)

Home Training

This place is for things that help your robot at home.

Training Dummy

Information: This is basically a barrel filled with sand.

Price: $100

Core Charger

Information: Use this handy piece of machinery to charge up your robot's core(s).

Tool Box

Information: Make repairs on the go with these tools.

Price: $500

Pre-made Robots

Here are a couple of robots already built. They are homemade robots that are up for sale.

(Stats are out of 100.)

Generation 2 Glass Cannon

Information: This Glass Cannon has REALLY high strength but very low armor. The speed on this robot is above average, but it has bad intelligence. Upgrades are recommended.

Price: $2750

Stats: Armor: 37 Power: 46 Intelligence: 22 Speed: 53 Special: 61 Strength: 86

Generation 3 Jack

Information: This Jack is pretty basic in terms of stats. However, the moves set on this robot can give opponents a hard time.

Price: $3550

Stats: Armor: 52 Power: 59 Intelligence: 62 Speed: 57 Special: 55 Strength: 60

Generation 3 Stone Wall

Information: This robot was made with iron reinforced titanium. This robot can definitely take a beating, but the attack is something that is not exactly talked about.

Price: $3200

Stats: Armor: 83 Power: 56 Intelligence: 43 Speed: 27 Special: 22 Strength: 20

Generation 1 Jack

Information: This Jack was found in a junkyard, where it was about to be crushed. I took the remains and rebuilt it with an extra core for more power. I would make this robot a G2 or G3 if I were you, but that's for you to decide.

Price: $4350

Stats: Armor: 43 Power: 66 Intelligence: 51 Speed: 53 Special: 48 Strength: 52

Generation 2 Brawler

Information: This Brawler has RAW power. Literally. The armor and speed are decent, but this robot is below average on Intelligence.

Price: $3175

Stats: Armor: 47 Power: 56 Intelligence: 36 Speed: 54 Special: 67 Strength: 72

Generation 3 Sparring Bot

Information: This is for you movie fans here. This robot was originally a Sparring Bot, but it has been upgraded. The intelligence and attack on this have been upgraded to a high level. A couple of upgrades wouldn't hurt, but this robot is pretty much ready to fight. Includes a shadow mode (Oh yeah!) and special moves programmed on this robot. Glows blue like Atom.

Price: $9500 (Because Atom is very popular- Sorry guys!)

Stats: Armor: 89 Power: 92 Intelligence: 87 Speed: 94 Special: 91 Strength: 86

Generation 3 Game Breaker

Note: I am not sure of what a Game Breaker really is. I assume it is an overpowered robot.

Information: This robot is based on Zeus, but is more "friendly". The stats on this robot are really high and can probably take down five robots at a time. There are four cores for more power and Plasma Pistons in the arms. The moves programmed in this robot are lethal, and can be a great automatic robot. Glows green like Zeus.

Price: $11000 (Hey-Zeus is powerful)

Stats: Armor: 97 Power: 100 Intelligence: 98 Speed: 97 Special: 100 Strength: 99

Generation 1 Annihilator

Information: This robot is LETHAL in the arena. The hammer can rotate, making it harder to dodge attacks. The intelligence is really trashy though, and the armor is heavy. However, there is a titanium endoskeleton that allows it to take hits. I would recommend upgrading this robot a lot, such as upgrading this robot to G2 or G3.

Price: $4500

Stats: Armor: 43 Power: 41 Intelligence: 27 Speed: 11 Special: 47 Strength: 56

Generation 3 Demolisher

Information: This Demolisher is based on Midas, but more "nice". There are many parts from Midas, like the Mohawk (Looking cool!) and the tattoo on the chest. Many moves programmed on this robot are from Midas, but the moves have been altered to be legal. This robot has many modifications to make it a powerful opponent in the arena.

Price: $7750 (Midas is the King of the Underworld and is prized)

Stats: Armor: 86 Power: 78 Intelligence: 76 Speed: 89 Special: 92 Strength: 87

Generation 3 Demolisher

Information: This Demolisher is based on Ambush, with a couple of upgrades. The armor is reinforced, and the moves have been upgraded. Most of the armor is salvaged from Ambush, like the "A" Wing shoulder pads.

Price: $6750 (Ambush is a awesome robot!)

Stats: Armor: 67 Power: 59 Intelligence: 87 Speed: 95 Special: 88 Strength: 90

Generation 3 Jack

Information: This Jack is based on Twin Cities, but more powerful. The body is the same, and the armor is upgraded. The speed and power on this robot is upgraded and the moves have been upgraded. The heads are now equipped with sensors that allow the robot to find enemies when the heads are messed up.

Price: $8500 (Twin Cities is a powerful fighter)

Stats: Armor: 87 Power: 76 Intelligence: 96 Speed: 84 Special: 67 Strength: 89

Generation 3 Annihilator

Information: This Annihilator is based on Metro, but more "organized". The hammer is now a Sledge-Cross, like Metro in his Stage 7 in the Real Steel World Robot Boxing game. The armor is also upgraded, and the speed has been increased. The moves have been upgraded and the power core is upgraded for more power.

Price: $5750 (He's scrap, but also technically a good robot)

Stats: Armor: 88 Power: 79 Intelligence: 67 Speed: 47 Special: 84 Strength: 91

Generation 2 Demon Wall

Information: This Demon Wall is a beast. The speed on this robot is high-grade, and the attack is decent. The armor isn't that strong, but the moves programmed on this robot can keep attacks away.

Price: $3500

Stats: Armor: 37 Power: 56 Intelligence: 47 Speed: 72 Special: 65 Strength: 59

Generation 3 Fragile Speedster

Information: This Fragile Speedster was found in a junkyard with major damage. I bought it and repaired it with additional armor in case it gets hit. There are piston arms that allow more force and another core for more power.

Price: $3750

Stats: Armor: 47 Power: 63 Intelligence: 56 Speed: 78 Special: 67 Strength: 59

Generation 2 Jack

Information: This Jack was made out of the remains of robots that Zeus destroyed. The appearance is a frightful sight, but the stats are upgraded. The moves are from many robots, such as Blac Jac, Axelrod, Gridlock and Spitfire/Danger Zone. The armor and attack is a bit weak due to the fact that this robot was cobbled together, but an additional core has been added for extra power.

Price: $4750

Stats: Armor: 30 Power: 47 Intelligence: 67 Speed: 54 Special: 58 Strength: 49

Generation 3 Blitz Cannon

Information: This Blitz Cannon was scrapped because the core exploded. I took it and repaired the armor, which had lots of dents, as well as replace the core. The speed and intelligence are decent enough to defeat two robots at once, and the attack has been upgraded.

Price: $4250

Stats: Armor: 43 Power: 45 Intelligence: 76 Speed: 82 Special: 67 Strength: 58

Pre-Owned Robots

These are custom robots that were sold or scrapped here.

Note: To add your robot please comment and I will add that. I will decide how much I will pay for your robot.

None yet :/

Special Events

There will be special events. The link for the Junkyard Scraps Events is here.

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