Name: Junkyard Robot 2

Nickname: None

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Jack of All Stats

Status: Online


The Junkyard Robot 2 is a robot that was added to the Real Steel iOS game. It's one of two robots that have mixed parts of other robots, which are supposedly salvaged from a scrapyard. It is possible that Reliance Games based on the scene from the Real Steel movie, where Charlie and Max enter the Metal Valley searching for parts to build a new robot, to add these two robots to the game. There's not much more information about these two robots other than they don't appear in any other game in the whole franchise or in the movie and they don't have a proper moveset and intro quote. Which makes them perfect for the players to mix-n'-match with their parts.


Armor: 60/100

Power: 60/100

Speed: 60/100


Junkyard Bot 2 003

Origin: Unknown (Probably USA)

Ability: None

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Feature: Mix-N'-Match-ed Robot Parts

Special Moves: Customized by the player


Junkyard Bot 2 004

The Junkyard Robot 2 mainly resembles Twin Cities due to the look of its head, only this is white and yellow with red eyes. It has a large re-sized Six Shooter torso with Blac Jac's upper abs and spine diamonds on the back and Noisy Boy's pelvis. Twin Cities' thigh also forms its right bicep, while its forearm resembles Midas' and the fist looks like Gridlock's. Most of the left arm is a repainted version of Gridlock's, while the fist is Bluebot's. The right leg is composed by Six Shooter´s thigh, Midas' shin and Bluebot's foot, while the left leg is composed by Blacktop's thigh, Noisy Boy's shin and Twin Cities' foot. This assembly makes the robot look quite disproportionate, but at the same time it makes it feel authentically built up from salvaged scraps. The robot's stats are not terrible, but definitely not the best either, having 6/10 in all Armor, Power and Speed, which makes it just as strong as Axelrod and the Junkyard Robot 1, who have the exact same stats.


  • There's another Junkyard Robot that resembles Zeus and Bluebot.
  • It doesn't have proper moveset nor intro quote.
  • Despite not having the highest stats, the players can actually have a good time playing with it.
  • If it's given fist-spinning moves, its fists will rotate out of its wrists, making the animation look weird.
  • If it was a real robot, it would be focused mainly on arm strength, since its feet are quite small.
  • Its mix-n'-match-ed parts give it a really authentic salvaged/built from scraps look.
  • It's an exclusive from the iOS game, since it hasn't appeared in any other game, and it's unlikely it does.
  • It's kind of weak, which makes it run out of stamina considerably fast, a thing the player must watch out for.
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