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"The Trash Thrasher, with a punch like a boulder, here's JunkR!" -Announcer.

Name: JunkR

Title: Trash Trasher

Gen: 2

Bot type: Demolisher

Handler: James Chatnick

JunkR is a former sparring bot, souped up by his former owners. However, he also picked up their speech pattern, and now talks (and acts) like a stereotypical "bro". But he packs a punch that leaves a mark.


Str: 70/100

Spd: 65/100

Armr: 75/100

Inte: 75/100

Spec. Atk: 60/100

Signature Moves: Tooth Chipper, Bro Code.

Special Features

JunkR has speech capabilities, but now talks like a stereotypical "bro", often using double negatives, incorrect grammar, and slang.
JunkR Closeup
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