Name: Juggernaut

Title/Nickname: The Unstoppable Force

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Stone Wall

Status: Working


Juggernaut is a british barbarian of a robot. He goes my many nicknames, such as 'the Unstoppable Force'. He is only 7 '8" though he is slouching like Block Buster. His actual height is 8 '0", though when he enters the ring he turns into 7 '8". How? Because Juggernaut has a titanium/iron head that can duck into it's torso, which covers the neck and part of the faceplate. His faceplate has a slight resemblence to Axelrod, who is a great bot, but destroyed by Zeus. He weighs about 1200 Lbs, which is extremely heavy for his size which is usaully 7 '8". To make sense of his weight, He has a titan frame which is about 600 Lbs. That's a heavy mainframe! His weight is actually along with other robots that are the same weight, such as Hollow Jack and No Joke. He is known for Knocking opponents out, by ducking his head, charging to the opponent then ever so slightly inject the head into the robots torso, knocking them down. His current owner is John Duffer. His moves are called 'Brutal Force' and a few others. He had went against Atom, which no one really knows who won, though after the fifth round, Juggernaut got the win, because he knocked Atom about 12 times! Though he walked out of the ring, with a damaged neck cover. Juggernaut is feared by most bots. He was designed to be in the UW II so he can do illegal moves, though most of the time he is knocking down the opponent, until they can't get up. Juggernaut's legs are extremely sharp which can remove a robots head, which he is seen doing when ripping apart a robot. He removes the head and splits the bot into two, not including the head. His ability is swift strikes, which is very common in United Kingdom, which allows him to have the ability to have extra damage with light attacks, and combo's are quicker.


Juggernaut appears to be a Ukrainian or Canadian robot, but he is british. He is 1200 Lbs and is 8 '0" before entiring the ring. Before that he is 7 '8". He is brown, gray and silver and has a funny form. His legs are sharp at the ends, made to remove the opponents head and his chest covers most of his small head. He looks like a barbarian.


Strength: 76/100

Armor: 96/100

Health: 54/100

Power: 82/100

Intellagence: 12/100

Speed: 46/100

Special: 32/100

Card Information

Handler: John Duffer

Ability: Swift Strikes

Origin: UK

Weight: 1200 Lbs

Height: 8 '0"

Special Feature: Titan Frame

Signature Moves: Brutal Force K.O Protocol

Chapter 1: The Beginning

A british beer brewer named John Duffer, one day walked into a bar. At around 9:00 pm at night, A man named Charlie Kenton got drunk beside him. He was the trainer and co-owner of Atom and owner of Ambush. Since Charlie was obessed with doing bets, but never won. He did a bet and whoever was right got 120,000 cash. He and Atom just won a fight with Rubicon and won 200,000. Since Charlie was known and is to be such a bad better, John won the 120,000. Though Charlie was kinda heated about loosing, they became freinds. One day John Duffer visited Charlie's place and said, "I was wondering if I should make a robot with that 120,000."Charlie agreed. Charlie helped John out and John had an idea to make a robot that could wrestle and knockout smaller and bigger robots. They looked at Mainframes and Charlie suggested the Rampage Frame but John wanted the Titan Frame, which was a wapping 40,000. He bought it and then bought armor, after he designed the robot, he was looking for a name. "How bout' Barbarian or Bomb?"Max suggested, "What's something that suits him?"John thought. "I don't know, Juggernaut?"Charlie said, taking a sip of beer. "That sounds good."John said looking at his bot, "Juggernaut."After he was done with installing a motherboard and G2 Controll, they headed to the crash palace.

Chapter 2: Hollow Jack

John, Charlie and Max arrived at the crash palace. Max was planning to fight Aqua Bot or a weak robot to earn some side cash. John walked in and Fin welcomed him. "Wow, what a mighty looking robot you got there! What's the name?"Fin asked. "Juggernaut."John said. "Cool. It suits. Let me see your Fighting Circuit."Fin asked. "What?"John asked. "The robot card."Charlie said. "Oh, here."John said, giving the card to Fin. "Nice. What bot you fighting?"Fin asked. "Who's here today?"Charlie asked. "Blue bot, Midas, Hollow Jack, Bio War, Fat Boy, Shogun, Aqua Bot."Fin said, "Okay. I'll take Hollow Jack."John said. "Wow, buddy. Hollow Jack could shred your robot!"Fin said. "Bring it."John said. As the Deal was set, Fin grabbed the micro phone and introduced Hollow Jack. "He shredded every robot he sees, and he wants some fun. Carving his way to victory! It's the holloween horror, with the pumkin head, Hollow Jack!"Hollow Jack entered the ring, spinning his rotatable spike fists. "Here's a newcomer. He'll knock down your bot, He travels from the stone age, and is barbaric! Here's Juggernaut!"Fin said. Juggernaut entered the ring, walking stiffly, trying to look tough. "Crash palace, who's ready for some Shredding and Knocking?"Fin shouted. The crowd shouted yes. "Go!"Fin said. Hollow Jack, headed towards Juggernaut. John was looking at the moves for something great. Hollow Jack lowered Juggernaut's head and hit his back. Then spinned his fists and did a double uppercut, then hit Juggernaut's back and then spinned him. "Come on! He cost 100,000!"John said. "Look! Use Super Ram!"Charlie suggested. John did. Juggernaut stopped spinning and jumped to Hollow Jack, pushing Hollow Jack with his fists and kneeing the face. Hollow Jack was stunned and knocked down, which his left fist, still spinning, went onto his chest damaging the chest armor. "How bout'? Look, use Body Spin Head Removel!"Charlie said, John did so. Juggernaut headed towards Hollow Jack and jumped two feet into the air, criss-crossing his feet and landing onto Hollow Jack's head and removing it. "Juggernaut Wins!"Fin Shouted. "Yes! We just won 20,000!"John shouted. Then afterwards Fin handed them the money, though Hollow Jack's owner was mad!

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