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Announcers quote - The Titanium Brute, The Executioner from hell, its to late to run or hide, because he's already here... Here he stands... JUDGMENT!!!

Intro: Slowly walks to the ring, then jumps into the ring and does a cut throat taunt, while his intro theme

plays. [1]Intro theme



Power: 99/100

Speed: 82/100

Intelligence: 97/100

Special Features

  • Advanced G3 remote with manual control and touch screen
  • Shadow boxing
  • High quality mother board
  • High quality hydraulics and diamond pistons
  • Tough Heavy weight Titanium armour
  • Very high quality frame

Move Details

Rip-Off: Guillotine Slam: Stuns the opponent with a right hook, then grabs both of their arms then kicks them in the gut ripping the arms off, then slams them into the ground, then he rips their head clean off

Grim reaper: Starts with a left hook then a right cross, then choke slams the opponent

Karma: If the opponent misses a big punch, Judgment dodges then sucker punches them. This move may knock them down for a couple of seconds

Showtime: First a lightning fast combo of a left jab then a right cross then a left hook then a right uppercut. He then wounds up a big right cross and throws it to the head

Demolition Derby: (UW only) Kicks the opponent in the gut, then smashes them into the ground

Rip-Off: Sacrifice Does a flying knee, the left hooks them then he throws a right bomb, then he Nuke fists the opponent, crushing the head completely

Death Charge: Judgment temporarily retreats, then charges at high speed. Slamming his arm's and head into the opponents body. Judgment then stops, but momentum sends the target toward the rings, or even outside of the field. (Inspired by Ragnorak's move Minotaurus) (Credit to Subnauticatracer)


In the year 2021, Norway wanted to get in on the sport of Robot Boxing. So the Norwegian Government hired a 1/2 Norwegian 1/2 American Bot' handler named Jake Olsen, Who had recently rose to fame after defeating Blac jac with his bot Havoc (i will write about Havoc, hes mine so dont write about him!) in his WRB debut. He made some blueprints of several bots, but '' Judgment'' was to first one to really get attention from the Government. They asked about the cost to create this bot, Jake answered, 2M kr (about 300k $) They struck a deal. after several months he was finished, they shipped him over to New York as soon as possible


Chapter 1: The Beginning

A couple of days later, Judgment was ready for his first match. His first fight was at crash palace and he was up against Blockbuster. Ding Ding!! The bell rang, They both charged head on both trying to push each other over, Judgment knees Block in the crouch then in the face. Block responded with a 1-2 jab, Judg did a super man punch right in Block's face Block goes down 1...2...3...4...5...6..

Judgment's opponent gets up and throws a cross. However, Blockbuster's fist had been caught by Judgment's dexterous hands, and it was being crushed with every second. Blockbuster tried to go for a push to throw off Judgment, but was struck with a powerful right cross!

Ding Ding!! The winner by AKO is JUDGMENT!! The crowd cheered. Judg had started his career with a bang.

Part 2: Two Challenges.

Aquabot then challenged him, Jake accepted. Ding Ding!! Aqua used depth charge, it did almost nothing to Judg. Judg then Nukefisted Aqua, crushing his head completely.

This had caught the attention of Fat Boy`s owner, who then challenged Judg. Jake was ready for the next fight.

Fat Boy came in, swinging jabs and punches around. But Fatboy's inaccurate movements allowed Judg to dodge about 90% of Fat`s punches. With a huge right bomb from Judg, Fat Boy went down with the familiar Clang Bang! 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...

Fat boy got up just in time and struck Judg with 2 left jabs and 1 right cross to the face. Jake was getting bored of Fat Boy's strategy, and Judg picked up Fat Boy and threw him out the ring. Everyone was shocked, the strength of this ''Newbie'' was unbelievable! Jake earned a total of 27k that night. A hefty sum for fighting 2 simple bots.

Chapter 2: Revhead

After the major success at Crash Palace, Blacktop challenged Jake to a fight at the parking lot. Ding Ding!! Judgment wanted to end the fight quickly, Judg charged at full speed slamming his head and arms into Top, Top went flying and landed on the hood of a car. Judg then started pummeling Blacktop`s head with right bombs till' there was almost nothing left, The winner by AKO is JUDGMENT!! Jake won 7k from that fight. Before Jake could leave Bluebot's owner challenged him, Jake accepted. Ding Ding!! Both charged, Blue went for a round house but missed, Judg countered with a big right hook, then doing whats now know as a Guillotine Slam. Jake then left with a nice 11k

Chapter 3: THIS IS SPARTA!!!

All of this success in a very short period of time caught the attention of Artie Bakker, who then challenged Jake to a Title bout. Ding Ding!! Midas came in quickly with a big uppercut almost knocking Judg down, Judg quickly recovered and countered with a jab then a left hook. Midas then caught Judg and hit him with a Tomahawk Blow, again almost knocking Judg down. Judg then used Showtime knocking Midas down, 1...2...3..4...5.. Midas got up then goes in for an arm-rip, Judg almost got his right arm knocked off but countered in the last second with a left hook. Judg then went for a Guillotine Slam and it connected, there was oil and metal pieces everywhere. The Winner by AKO and the NEW CHAMPION OF CRASH PALACE JUDGMENT!! The crowd roared and cheered loudly, Jake then proudly walked away with 80k and the former champs head as a trophy.

Chapter 4: The WRB League

After the fight with Midas it was time for some upgrades. 1 week later Jake was done upgrading Judgment, he was shiny and looked brand new. While going through the mail, a letter caught his attention, it was an invite to the WRB yay. Judgment would fight Axelrod in his debut fight, 5 days later, Jake went to the arena in Detroit. Both bots were ready to brawl, Ding Ding!! Neither bots charged, both of them were very defensive. Then suddenly Axel charged full speed going for a mime punch, it connected. But Judg was still standing, Judg then used Showtime almost knocking Axel down, Judg then cornered and started pummeling Axel with hooks, jabs and uppercuts Ding Ding!! Axel was saved by the bell, this made Axelrod to be the first bot to make it out of the first round with Judgment. Ding Ding!! Judg started with a Death Charge knocking Axel back in his corner, Judg then did a cut throat taunt and then decapitated Axel with an uppercut. The winner by KO is JUDGMENT!! Most of the crowd cheered, Jake left with a hefty 60k yay

Chapter 5: Back in the Underworld

After the fight with Axelrod Jake wanted some more action and destruction, so he want back to Crash Palace with Judgment. Scrapbot challenged Jake ''Okay...'' Ding Ding!! The bell rang. Scrapbot charged wanting a brawl, but Scrap got struck with a big left hook, Judg then threw a Blue in da face roundhouse to the body and literaly cut Scrapbot in half and Jake then won 500$ Then Judg fought Tool box and Voodoo, and due to Voodoo cheating and sabotaging Judgment, Jake earned an extra grand. Judgment then challenged Bio war, Ding Ding!! The bell rang, Bio charged and struck Judg with a big low aiming bolo punch, 3 right crosses and a front push kick. Judgment countered with Death charge and Showtime severely damaging Bio war, Bio then came hard with a big left uppercut and 2 right hooks to the face. Judgment then pinned Bio war and kneed Bio in the gut 3 times and then ripped Bio war`s head clean off. Jake walked away with a cool 18k

Chapter 6 Mistakes were made

The next day Jake took Judgment to the Zoo to fight Zookeeper, which turned out to be a big mistake.

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