Johnny John Johnson
Johnny John Johnson

Johnny John Johnson

This is a fan-made handler.

Don't do anything to it.

Creator: EpicdudeX123

Owner of Paradox, Shockwave, Destroyer, Fatality, Assault and Junkyard Scraps.

Leader of the ScrapX team.


Johnny John Johnson is a robot controller who is the son of Bob Johnson and Mary Johnson  and brother of Fred John Johnson. (Real person: gamer149182) He watched WRB on TV and got obsessed with robot boxing. His parents died in a car crash when he was 14 and lived with his aunt Alice until he went to college. He started becoming a robot controller when he found Paradox from a crashed military plane. He went on to controlling other robots like Shockwave and Destroyer. He currently lives in a three story house in the US.


Johnny is a calm person who is very smart. He can be nasty, however, when he is angered. He once beat up a man when he cheated him of his money.


Johnny usually wears a black sweatshirt and green pants. He has white sneakers and carries a skateboard to get around.

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